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Download Zapya 6.0 – Android software for wireless file transfer

Transferring files between Android or iOS devices is one of the most important tasks that users deal with. For this reason, today and in this post, we intend to introduce you to the Zapya program. In the continuation of this program, you will have access to download Zapia. Zapia is an Android software for transferring files wirelessly between different smart devices, which makes file transfer very simple and easy.

Download Zapya 6.0 - Android software for wireless file transfer

Transferring files has always been an important issue among smart device users. Ever since we got acquainted with Sony Ericsson and later Samsung mobile phones, we used to transfer our files via Bluetooth. Well, this was very difficult. One of these difficulties is that if the file we wanted to transfer was large, it would take a long time to transfer the file.

But little by little and with the emergence of Android devices that are connected to wireless, new applications have also appeared for the convenience of our users.

Suppose that you intend to send a high volume game to your friends. Well, the easiest way is to use the Zapya Android application.

Features of Zapya

  • Ability to transfer files
  • Ability to transfer game files
  • Ability to transfer program files
  • Ability to transfer video, photo and audio files
  • The possibility of transferring programs and games, without the need for an installation file
  • Ability to transfer files via Bluetooth
  • File transfer via wireless
  • The ability to create a secure connection between Android devices
  • Ability to establish communication between devices using QR code

Now you can download Zapia. The Zapia application is currently active in the global market of Google Play with more than 100,000,000 installations.

The Zapia application has been able to find its place in the hearts of users with a score of 4.4 and introduce itself as a quality application.

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