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Download XRecorder – Android screen recording program

The XRecorder program is a very useful program for taking video from the screen or in other words recording the screen for Android. This Android application has attracted many users. So stay with us until the end of this post on the Digiroyd website.

Download XRecorder - Android screen recording program

Corona is the main reason for holding virtual classes. Therefore, many professors and teachers need to film their screens. Along with professors and teachers, students have also turned to this method in order to be able to review the useful materials of the class again later. Therefore, using a good software to record the screen or take a video of the screen is considered a very important task. The XRecorder program is a professional program in this field, which has turned itself into a practical and highly downloaded application with the many features it provides to its users. This program is designed and developed by .

Save videos with different quality

One of the most important things in saving movies is the quality issue. Therefore, if the video that is recorded during the screen recording does not have the desired quality, it will definitely be useless later. XRecorder saves videos for you in different qualities from 720p to 1080p. This possibility makes the quality of the movie very high and later you can easily use this movie. Also, with the possibility of custom recording of this software, you can save and use your desired video with different sizes.

Share videos with XRecorder

We save videos. Then we plan to send these videos to our friends. This is called video sharing. XRecorder app does this for you nicely. Using this feature, you can share the movie after saving it. You can send the desired movie to friends and acquaintances. You can also publish it on social networks such as Instagram and Aparat. This feature allows you to make good use of the video you have taken from your screen.

Live YouTube broadcast

Most of those who play games on mobile phones are looking to share content. Therefore, if you are a professional player in the field of mobile games such as Call of Duty Mobile , etc., we suggest you the XRecorder program to record the game. With this Android app , you can take a good video of your game environment while playing and then share it on YouTube or your camera. You can even broadcast your game live on this American video sharing platform during the game. This feature will make you play your game with ease and present yourself as a professional gamer.

Built-in sound recorder and XRecorder game sound

Several times I wanted to record a video conversation and an online class. But after recording, I realized that the voice of the professor or the other party was not well placed on the video and the video was out of the state I wanted. Therefore, I had to delete the video. But by installing XRecorder, you can easily record video from the screen. In this program, the internal sound of the movie will be saved well and without noise. This feature is also available in the game. As you know, playing the game without sound is not fun. If you save a video of your game and it doesn’t have proper sound, it may seriously lower the quality of your video.

Other features of the XRecorder program

  • Save videos with different sizes
  • Save movies with different sizes and different qualities
  • Ability to store internal sounds without noise
  • Countdown times for proper filming
  • No watermark on videos
  • Ability to connect to YouTube live streaming
  • and other facilities

Now you can download the XRecorder Android app for screen recording from the Digiroyd website.