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publish date: 24 April 2022

WhatsApp application is one of the needs of today’s users in Iran and other countries of the world. Since the need for communication between people is increasing every day, it is natural that we need more messaging applications similar to WhatsApp. Today, in this post, we are going to introduce you to this application and Finally, we will download WhatsApp, although I know that you are familiar with this Android program, but our mission on the Digiroyd website is to introduce you to mobile applications.

دانلود واتساپ رسمی نسخه جدید برای اندروید WhatsApp Messenger

We are at your service by downloading the new WhatsApp 2021 on the Digi website. But those who use this green messenger must first be aware of all its features. We also intend to introduce you to this messenger. The WhatsApp program for Android is presented in 2 versions: official WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business, each of which has its own features. This Android program with features also has some problems, but our goal is to mention its features for now. After downloading the official WhatsApp, you will face a page where you have to enter your mobile number. If it is the first time you register in this Android application, you must enter the code you received after entering the number. After entering the multi-digit code, you must enter your name and profile picture. Finally, your account is created and you can use it. But for users who have already joined this program, it is possible to recover information. In this way, after entering the multi-digit code, WhatsApp asks you to enter your data recovery file.

Download official WhatsApp

The official WhatsApp program has provided countless features to its users. In this program, you can engage in several types of conversations with your friends. One of the most used features is the audio and video call section in WhatsApp. In this section, you can have an audio or video conversation with your friends individually or in groups. If you want to be in contact with your friends as a group in this Android application, you and your friends just need to enter a WhatsApp group. After entering, one of the members must touch the voice or video call option. At this time, the call will be established and anyone who is online at that moment can join the conversation.

In WhatsApp, it is possible to send different files with different extensions. You can send files with any type of extension to your friends. You can send all kinds of photos, videos and songs to your friends. But the possibilities of this Android program will not end here. We have to go to the security features of this Android program.

But WhatsApp security settings are also extensive. In this section, you can hide your last seen status from others. If you are among those who are very interested in hiding your WhatsApp profile picture, you can do it easily. Just go to the settings section and then enter the privacy section to make your profile picture private. In this section, you can determine who can see your profile picture. You can decide whether your profile picture can be seen only by your friends, or by no one.

2-step verification of WhatsApp

One of the high security features of this American messenger owned by Facebook is two-step verification. When you want to enter WhatsApp for the first time, you must enter your number and then enter the text message sent to your mobile phone. Some hackers may want to hack your WhatsApp. Then, using different methods such as social engineering, they steal the received code from you. When the code is provided to them, they can access your user account by entering it in their mobile phone. If your two-step verification is active, then after entering the code, they must also enter a fixed password. If they do not know that password, they will never have the ability to use your account in this messenger. You can easily protect yourself from hackers and follow security principles.

Creating a channel on WhatsApp

Some friends are strongly looking to create a channel on WhatsApp. It should be said that it is not possible to create a channel in this green messenger. But what should be done? Many people need this possibility to meet their important and professional needs. To solve this problem, you can create a WhatsApp group in this android program. After doing this, by entering the group settings section, you can do something so that no one except the administrator has the right to post content. When you do this, now only the group manager and those you have designated can post messages in the group. Other members of the group should only watch the posted content. This is exactly the same scenario for channels. You can meet your needs in this way.

Download the new WhatsApp 2022

It is true that downloading the new WhatsApp 1400 is more attractive than downloading the old WhatsApp, but this messenger definitely has some problems. For example, one of the things that hurt many users is deleting messages in this messenger. In other messengers such as Instagram, after you send a message to someone by mistake, you can delete it. This is also possible in WhatsApp, but it cannot be completely deleted. When you want to delete a message, 2 options will appear for you. Delete for everyone and delete for myself. If you select the delete for me option, the message will be deleted only for you, but it will still be visible to others. But to delete your message for others, you must enter the delete for others option. This will remove the message for others, but the message will remain. Now, instead of your message, a text titled “You deleted message” will be shown to you and other users. Everyone will know that you sent a message and then deleted it.

Download WhatsApp for PC

Many users use personal computers to enter this program. From these users, users are looking to download WhatsApp for PC. Those who have Windows 8 or above can easily install this program on their device. But, unfortunately, it is not possible to download WhatsApp for Windows 7. Users of this version of Windows do not have the ability to download this program and cannot download the new WhatsApp 2021. Therefore, they can use the web version of this platform. By using the web version, there is no need to install this program on your PC. Just go to the web version and perform the login operation correctly and enjoy working with this application.


Whatsapp messenger features

  • The possibility of chatting between 2 users by text
  • The possibility of making a voice call on the Internet between 2 users
  • Making a video call on the Internet between 2 users
  • It is possible to make a voice call between several users in a group on the Internet
  • Making a video call between several users in a group on the Internet
  • Ability to create a group
  • Ability to send group files and private chats
  • Send picture in group and private chats
  • The possibility of sending videos in groups and private chats
  • Ability to send emoji
  • Send WhatsApp stickers
  • Chat with contacts
  • Creating a channel by limiting the sending of messages by users

Now you can download the Android WhatsApp application from the Digiroyd website. I also suggest that you definitely follow Digi Royd’s Instagram page for more cooperation and better support. Good luck

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4.9/5 - (28 votes)

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