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Download the Traffic Racer 3.5 game for Android

The game Traffic Racer in Farsi is the name of an attractive and beautiful game for the Android operating system. Today we are going to introduce Traffic Racer to you. This game has attracted many users. The game that we are going to introduce to you today was made by Soner Kara game studio. In the following, we will give a full introduction to this game. So stay with us and the Dgroid website .

Download the Traffic Racer 3.5 game for Android

Traffic Racer game is one of the interesting games for Android. This beautiful and attractive game has attracted many users. More than 100 million installs in the global market of Google Play is proof of the popularity of this game. Also, the very high score of 4.6 out of 5 is another reason for the popularity and importance of this Android game. That’s why today we are going to provide the possibility to download Traffic Racer game for you dear users. In the rest of this post, we will introduce this Android game. So stay with us.

Introducing the Traffic Racer game

Driving games are among the most popular games for users. One of the reasons why many users have downloaded Traffic Racer game is exactly this reason. The game that we are going to introduce to you today is very interesting. Of course, this game is also old. Many users have downloaded this game when it was released. Many users have tried to download the old version of Traffic Racer. In this game you have to drive your car forward as far as you can by passing through tough road traffic. The more you advance in this game, the more points you will earn. Finally, you can buy new cars with your points.

When the game starts, you have a normal car and you have to play the game with that car. Press your foot on the gas in this 3D game. When you are speeding on a straight road, other cars are in front of you. Be very careful not to touch them. When you are moving between cars, if you can pass close to them or in other words, you will get a positive score. Finally, by collecting these points and converting them into money, you can buy your favorite cars and enjoy driving in the Traffic Racer game.

This Android game is so popular and popular that many users are looking to download Traffic Racer game songs. This beautiful game has different modes in which you can earn more money based on the difficulty of that stage.

Other game features

  • Very beautiful and attractive graphics
  • The use of cars close to reality
  • Attractive sounds of the game
  • Different level of traffic with different degrees of difficulty
  • The possibility of customizing the color of the car
  • The possibility of upgrading different parts of the car such as engine and car tires
  • Driving on different roads
  • Night driving mode
  • Different cars
  • and some other facilities