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publish date: 6 October 2021

It is possible to buy goods at a reasonable price in the Tarb program. Today we are at your service by introducing a very useful Android application called Tarb. With this Android application, you can find any item you want at a very reasonable price and buy the item you want. This program is a search engine for buying goods. Stay with us until the end

Download Tarb – Android application to check product prices

In the past, we had to spend hours searching different stores to find a product at a reasonable price. After pricing from several stores, we could get the right price for the item we wanted. Although this method was very necessary, it had a big problem. You should have spent hours and energy to find the right price for the item you want. But the Torb program is a program that has solved all these problems. Stay with us to introduce you to the features and features of this program.

Tarb program is not a store

Some users use the title of horseradish store to introduce this application. This android app is not a store. When you enter this Android application, it is the same as entering a store. The graphics and user experience of this Android application are designed in such a way that you will have access to everything. On the first page of Tarb program, you will see a list of different products. These products are usually among the most popular products of the day. For example, now that we are in the autumn season. This search program has dedicated its day to the hoodie.

Use categories

Don’t worry if you don’t find the product you want in the Tarb program, you can use the categories. This Android program has a section called categories. All the products listed in this Android application are organized by category. For example, if you are looking for children’s clothes, you can easily refer to this category. The various categories of this application will make you reach the product you want easily and very quickly. You can also visit other products. You may like another product. So never miss this part of this program.

Tarb app supports a powerful search engine. In this program, you don’t need to spend hours to find the product you want. You simply go to the product search section and search for the desired product. This Android program, which has very powerful coding, searches among the available products and will find the desired product for you. In this way, you can easily and quickly access the product you want.

Pay attention to the price chart in horseradish

One of the interests of some of us Iranians is checking the history of prices. It has been seen at parties that when some men gather around each other, they quickly go to the prices. A person asks about the price of the product and another person informs him about the price of the product. Next, another person says with surprise that he bought the same product some time ago at a lower price. Tarb program also has a very good option for these people and that is the price chart.

You can easily see the price changes of the product you want by using the price chart section in the Tarb program. This chart tells you what the price of the item you are looking for has been in the past.

The number of stores is the number

But how the tarb program has become a popular application for searching goods. Consider a specific product. For example, let’s use a broom. This application has a contract with various stores that offer this product. These stores register their desired product, which is new, in this application. Then, for this particular product, i.e. broom, several sellers are ready to sell. By referring to the page of your desired product, you can see its price in different stores and in this way you can find your desired product at a suitable price. In fact, the working of this Android program is the same as the Trumpet and Wall program, only with the difference that it puts new goods for sale.


Capabilities of horseradish:

  • advanced search
  • Product search in online stores registered in Tarb
  • The possibility of visiting the store directly through Tarb
  • Ability to view the price chart of the product
  • Beautiful appearance and user-friendly
  • and other facilities

Right now, you can download the Tarb application by visiting the download section, work with it, and make an account. Of course, I hope your pockets are always full of money and your lips are smiling and you are always buying top products. You can also follow the Instagram page of Digi Royd to support the website of Digi Royd .


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5/5 - (2 votes)

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