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Download Taxido 4.2 – Taxido game for Android

Taxido game is one of the beautiful and attractive games for Android. This game is another product of Gilm Games studio. In this beautiful and attractive game, you have to visit different centers of the city like a taxi driver and pick up passengers. The more passengers you can pick up, the more points you get in this game. In the following, we will get to know some other features of Tuxedo game. Stay with us.

Download Taxido 4.2 - Taxido game for Android

Dear users who have played Hey Taxi game are probably aware of the nature of Tuxedo game . In this game, like Tuxedo, you have to fulfill your duties as a taxi driver. Driving a taxi and transporting passengers is one of the honorable and difficult jobs that some of our compatriots are doing. By playing the Tuxedo game, you will learn about the challenges of this honorable job. With the help of this Android game, you can learn about the job of transporting passengers. We strongly recommend that you install this Android game on your mobile phone or tablet to have hours of fun with this game. In the following, we will get to know some of the features of this attractive game.

Teaching and introducing the Tuxedo game

As mentioned above, Tuxedo tells the story of a taxi driver who has to overcome the challenges of his job to provide an income for his family. In this beautiful and attractive Android game, when you enter the game, you have to choose a car to transport passengers. Pride is the usual choice of us Iranians. Since you are new to the game and don’t have any money, you have to use the default car or Pride to complete the missions of the Tuxedo game itself. The car leaves the garage and now your work begins. Hold your finger on the start button for a few seconds to start the car. With this, your missions in the Tuxedo game will officially begin.

After starting the car, you must press your finger on the gas. With this, the car moves at a very high speed. After moving the car, you have to move your finger to the left or right to direct the car to different lanes of the street. There may be dangers in front of you in each lane. For example, a car may appear in front of you in the lane you are driving and you hit it hard from behind. There may also be concrete blocks in your way and you will collide with them. The few times I played Tuxedo, I ran into a blue Nissan backing out of a parking lot.

Earn money in the game

When you choose the job of driving a car as your job, you should be very aware of the income. Taxi drivers can earn money by transporting passengers. There is exactly the same problem in Tuxedo game. Pedestrians are standing in the middle of the street when you are driving fast on the streets. There is a green rectangular cube in front of them. When you stop exactly on these cubes, they will get on your car. If you can get them to their destination quickly and without an accident, you will get a very good fare. Do this again and again until you can pocket a lot of money.

In the Tuxedo game, you can travel in several areas of the city. At the beginning, you can only move passengers in the lower part of the city. In the continuation of the work permit for the city center and finally you can go to the top of the city and move people all over the city.

Tuxedo Android game has very beautiful graphics. All the sounds and sounds of the game are so attractive that it makes you enjoy playing this Android game to the fullest. Also, having Iranian cars conveys a very beautiful feeling to users. If you want to engage in the honorable job of driving a car in a completely Iranian environment with Iranian cars, go to the download section of the Digi Riod site and download Tuxedo game.

Other features of Tuxedo game

  • Beautiful game graphics
  • Use funny characters
  • Attractive sounds of the game
  • Using Iranian cars
  • Car buying system
  • Car changing system
  • and some other facilities