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Download TapScanner 2.6.10 – file scanning program for Android

For users who are looking to download an Android scanner, the TapScanner program can be a very good option. In this post, we have gone to an Android scanner called TapScanner. Stay with us until the end of this post.

Download TapScanner 2.6.10 - file scanning program for Android

Some paper documents are very important to us. For this reason, we may need to send these files to other people. When registering on some sites, they ask us for valid identification documents such as national ID card and birth certificate. How can we send our birth certificate to them? We may want to send an important invoice to a client or friend. How can we send it to him virtually? The answer to all these questions is in the TapScanner Android application .

Convert your scans to PDF

To scan your physical documents and papers, just install the TapScanner Android application on your mobile phone. By installing this program on your mobile phone, you will have a complete and professional scanner on your mobile phone. In this case, you should prepare your files for scanning. Just hold your papers in front of the camera to be scanned. After doing this, the application will show you the points that it thinks should be cut. For example, if you put your paper on the sofa or the floor, this application will suggest the paper to cut. By moving specific points, you can change the place of cutting as desired.

After determining where to cut the image, the TapScanner application will make the image into a very beautiful scan. With this, you now have a very beautiful scan of your files. In the next step, you should send your file to your friends or target audience. but how ? For this, you need to convert your files to PDF. This Android app converts scanned files to PDF.

Now you can easily send scanned files to your friends or contacts through virtual Qaza.

Features of the TapScanner program:

  • Ability to scan any document and file
  • Convert scanned files to PDF
  • Ability to send files
  • Save files
  • and other facilities

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