Download Tapsi 4.0.1 – online taxi app for Android

publish date: 15 August 2021

Taxi, taxi, taxi! This is the voice of someone who is standing on the side of the street and waiting to get a taxi to go home or to work or to a date. In other words, this is the voice of someone who has not yet installed Tapsi on his mobile phone. Because if he had installed this Android app on his phone, he would not have waited so long for a taxi.

Download Tapsi 4.0.1 – online taxi app for Android

Hello, I would like to serve all the dear users of the digi website. We are with you again like a close friend with the introduction of another Android application called Tapsi. Although Tapsi does not need to be introduced like some other apps that have been introduced on the Digiroyd website, because it is one of those old apps that work well and have introduced themselves well.

Maybe it happened to you that you wanted to go from one place to another. You didn’t have a car or you couldn’t take a car or you didn’t feel like driving at all. I don’t know, but for whatever reason, you didn’t take a car with you. Well, the solution in front of you is to go with an agency. Or, for example, take a taxi. Both ways are good and can be used, but there are problems. My problem is that if you want to hire an agency, that agency might not have a car or, for example, calculate the fare with you in an unusual way. Or, for example, it happened that you were dissatisfied with the driver.

There are exactly the same things for taxis. So what is the solution? Shall we restrict travel within our city? The answer is no. Finally, you want to do this trip. The solution we suggest is to use a tray. What do you mean? It means to pick up your mobile phone and open the Tapsi app. When you open Tapsi, select the origin and destination on the map and then Tapsi will send you a driver with a car.

Advantages of using trays:

One of the advantages of Tepsi that I personally like very much is that when you buy a car, it tells you how far that car is from you and you can plan when to get to the door to get in the car. For example, among other advantages of Tapsi, I can mention that you can pay your fare online. You don’t need to carry a bunch of cash with you anymore.

Among the other advantages of this application, I can point out that at the end of each trip, you can rate the driver so that Tapsi can monitor which driver works well and which one does not.

Tray features:

  • The possibility of booking a taxi
  • The ability to show a specific origin and destination on the map for future trips
  • The possibility of using a discount code
  • The possibility of registering a quick taxi request to find a taxi sooner
  • Ability to pay travel expenses online
  • Ability to give points to the driver after the trip
  • and other facilities

Now you can download this Android app from the Digiroid website. We also suggest that you follow Digi Royd’s Instagram page to support Digi Royd .

download box
File info
  • platform: Android
  • version : 4.0.1
  • need root: No
  • need data : No
  • need internet: yes
  • format : apk
  • size : 29 mb
  • password: No Password


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