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Download 2.21.1 Subway Surfers – infinite surfer game for Android

Subway Surfers game in Farsi, subway surfers, or as some friends say, subway runners, is a game that we want to introduce to you. If you are also an Android game enthusiast, be sure to follow this post until the end. Today we want to introduce you a very cool Android game. Of course, this mobile game is one of the old games, but it is still interesting and attractive.

Download 2.21.1 Subway Surfers - infinite surfer game for Android

Endless games are a hot topic in the gaming industry. Entering a game that has no end can be attractive. This is one of the attractive reasons in the game Subway Surfers. That you can play for hours without limits. You can have fun with this game without worrying about whether it will end or not.

In the game Subway Surfers, you actually play the role of a little surfer boy. This boy is running away from the police and the police dog. But where is the escape place? Subway ! This surfer boy has to continue his movement at high speed through the obstacles in the subway and escape from the police. If he hits the obstacles superficially, he will slow down a bit and the police and his dog may reach him and arrest him. But if these encounters are serious and strong, the work will be over and he will be stuck. So you have to be very careful of this child. Let’s see if you can do something to get this boy to the correctional center.

But another reason for the appeal of Subway Surfers is that this Android game has terrible graphics. I never got tired of playing this professional game.

Features of Subway Surfers game:

  • Excellent graphics
  • Beautiful music and soundtrack
  • to be unlimited
  • Air drops and bonus boxes in the middle of the game
  • Classification
  • High speed of the game

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