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Download Stocks & Forex Trading Game 2.4.4 – stock market game for Android

Stocks & Forex Trading Game is a unique Android game for those interested in the stock market. This stock market game actually teaches you how to work with the stock market and forex. Teaching stock market game is one of the most important missions of this game. In this post, we are going to introduce this game in detail. Stay with us until the end of this post.

Download Stocks & Forex Trading Game 2.4.4 - stock market game for Android

Financial games like Stocks & Forex Trading Game can be considered among the most oppressed games. These games usually do not have a high number of downloads. The reason for this is the interest of users to play other games such as sports. But the game that we put for you today is a unique stock market game for those interested in this financial market. This Android game will guide you in financial markets such as forex by playing some simple games. By downloading the stock market game for Android, you can become a promising stock market expert. Stay with us until the end to download this interesting game.

بازی Stocks & Forex Trading Game

This Android game consists of different parts. In fact, you must be connected to the Internet to use the online stock market game. With this android game that acts like a stock market simulator site, you have to act like a professional trader. In this Android game, you can find out the current price of each share. The most important part of doing stock and forex trading is knowing the current and up-to-date prices, which the Stocks & Forex Trading Game provides you with this possibility. But another feature of this Android game is trading. Basically, in this online stock game, you will get to know about stock and forex transactions. This Android game gives you the desired feature to buy and sell easily after knowing the current price of the financial markets. Of course, this buying and selling is simulated and you don’t need to pay money. Of course, in the end, you will not get any profit.

Other features of this Android game include various tools for analyzing and checking the stock market. For example, in this game, like a stock market simulator site, you will get to know analysis and review tools. You can carefully examine the candles and the trend line and express your opinions about it. You can also specify your profit and loss line. Another feature that this Android game provides you is the transaction history. In Stocks & Forex Trading Game, you can check your trading history. The convenient and beautiful user interface of this game is one of the other attractive things in this financial game. But don’t forget that this is just a game and it is not going to make you real profit or loss.

Diverse trading portfolio

As you know, financial markets consist of various trading baskets. For example, a professional trader may have several stocks in his portfolio. It is also possible to use several investment products. By downloading the stock market game for Android, you will have access to all these features. For example, you can add all kinds of investment goods and shares in your investment portfolio. You can add gold or various banking and oil stocks to your portfolio. With these features, you can introduce yourself to the financial markets as a big business man and a professional trader. Turn yourself into a professional trader in Stocks & Forex Trading Game.

Other features of Stocks & Forex Trading Game

  • Current rates of various stocks
  • Perform simulated transactions
  • Line chart and candlestick
  • Loss and profit line
  • Transaction history
  • Beautiful user interface
  • Stock market training
  • Diverse trading portfolio
  • and other facilities

Now you can download the Android game Stocks & Forex Trading Game, which is made by Finance Illustrated , from the Digiroid website . We hope you enjoy playing this Android stock game.