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Download SpeedTest Master 1.38.0

SpeedTest Master program is a very useful program for viewing information related to the Internet. If you are also looking for an internet speed test program, you can use this application a lot. This Android program is one of the most useful programs for every user. So stay with us until the end of this post.

Download SpeedTest Master 1.38.0 - Internet speed test program for Android

When you use the internet, you might want to know how much internet speed you are getting. For this we need professional tools. The SpeedTest Master program is the professional program in our opinion. Many words can be said about the features of this Android program. Users can test the speed of communication with this Android application. If you are a gamer, you might be thinking about ping. With this program, you can easily know your internet ping level.

Download speed test with SpeedTest Master

Maybe you want to download a movie from the Internet. If it is the size of this movie, you should definitely make your plans to download that movie. For example, you need to know how long your download will take. Suppose you are riding in a car and you intend to go from Tehran to Qom. If you don’t know how many kilometers per hour the speed of the car is, you definitely cannot calculate the time to reach your destination. Accordingly, it can be said that if you want to know how long your files need to download, you can use the SpeedTest Master Android program.

Of course, you can also calculate your upload time with the SpeedTest Master program. This program will tell you the exact download and upload speed along with ping delay. By doing this, you can have more information about your internet.

Wi-Fi users

One of the problems that has bothered users a lot is the unauthorized use of their internet. It is possible that your Wi-Fi has been hacked, then others can take full advantage of your internet without you realizing it. But by using the SpeedTest Master program, which is also a program for testing the internet speed of adsl, you can easily see the number of people who are connected to your Wi-Fi and prevent their access. To prevent them from connecting, after working with the SpeedTest Master Android app, go to your modem settings and then block their access via MAC address.

Check bandwidth in SpeedTest Master

You can find out about your internet bandwidth after downloading the telecommunication internet speed test software or SpeedTest Master. For users who do not know about broadband, it should be said that broadband is like a highway. Cars are moving on this highway, which may have 3 to 4 lanes. Bandwidth is exactly the same. It works like a freeway. The fewer lanes this highway has, the slower the movement of cars will be and vice versa.

Features of SpeedTest Master

  • Checking download and upload speed
  • Information about the amount of ping
  • Notification of Wi-Fi users
  • Check Wi-Fi signal strength
  • View the amount of bandwidth
  • and other facilities

Now you can download the SpeedTest Master Android app from the Digiroid website. Also, in order to support DJ Royd, be sure to follow DJ Royd’s Instagram page .