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Download Soroush Plus 4.4.6 – messenger program for Android

Users who are looking for a powerful messenger with a lot of features will definitely pay attention to downloading Soroush Plus. Today, from the series of posts related to the Android program , we have moved on to introducing a professional application called Soroush Plus. Stay with us until the end of this post.

Download Soroush Plus 4.4.6 - messenger program for Android

Soroush Plus Iranian messenger is one of the most used applications for mobile phones. The many features of this Iranian Android program can encourage you to download it. In this post, we have tried to point out some of these many and attractive features in this application. If you are also interested in learning about the capabilities of this Android program, follow us to the end of this post.

Make a video call with Soroush Plus

Communication is one of the requirements of human life. Humans turn to communication to do various things such as work, family, friendship, etc. These communications are done in different styles. Some use correspondence and letters. Of course, this style of communication is mostly used for official and administrative purposes. But the most common communication is voice communication. Some users consider voice calls as the best form of communication. You can also use this type of communication in Soroush Plus. This messenger allows you to communicate with your friends, colleagues and family members.

Functional bots

One of the reasons that may encourage users to download Soroush Plus with a direct link is the use of functional bots. In these bots, you can do a series of things easily. For example, if you need to use Sharia times, you can do this by using Soroush Plus Sharia times bot. Or if you need to pay your bills, you can do it with the bill payment bot.

Among other features of this Android program, we can mention playing movies and music at the same time as downloading it. In this feature, you can play a movie or song at the same time you are downloading it. You no longer need to wait for the movie to finish downloading and then open it.

Features of Soroush Plus:

  • voice call
  • video call
  • Playing movies and music at the same time as downloading it
  • Functional bots
  • Worldwide search in chats, groups and channels
  • Ability to pin messages
  • and other facilities

Now you can download the Soroush Plus program from the Digiroyd website. I also suggest that you definitely follow Digi Royd ‘s Instagram page.