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Download Snapp drivers version 4.6.2 for Android

Snapp drivers are the name of another product of the Snapp company. This Android program is actually another product related to Snapp Passengers program. Today we will introduce a practical Android application to you,, dear users. If you are one of the drivers or ambassadors of this company, stay with us and the DigiRoid website until the end of this post. You can also refer to the end of this post to download the driver’s snapp with a direct link for Android.

دانلود برنامه اسنپ رانندگان نسخه 4.6.2 برای اندروید

If you have installed the Snapp app, you probably know that this app is for transporting passengers. The internet taxi market has been very hot for several years. These applications have been able to penetrate the hearts of their passengers by providing special features to their customers. Now passenger transportation services have become an integral part of the country’s transportation network. As we have mentioned above, today we will introduce the Snapp drivers application to you, dear users. With this application, you can act as an ambassador in this service. You can also use Snapp drivers support.

Introducing Snapp drivers

When you hire a taxi using various internet taxi services, your request will undoubtedly be sent to a center. That center will also send your request to its drivers. This operation takes place in less than a second. Snapp drivers application is an Android application for drivers of this internet taxi service. By using this service, you can act as a driver in Snapp. In fact, the mentioned application is an integral part of the activity of this company. There are various features in this Android program, which we will mention below.

Program features

There are various features in the Snapp driver program. This program is connected to the main servers of this company. For this reason, if this program is deleted from your phone, you can easily reinstall Snapp Drivers. With this, your records and your earnings will not be deleted and will be easily available to you. But what is the main task of this application for respected drivers? If you act as an ambassador in Snapp, you should be informed about taxi requests. This program will send you passenger requests. This request includes various items.

For example, it specifies the name of the passenger as well as their origin and destination. Another thing in this program is the amount of fare that passengers pay. Also, if passengers decide to pay the fare online, you can use this program to enter their withdrawal request. The rental amount will be deposited in your bank account after 24 hours and you can use it. You can also find out about the points and comments that customers have given to you in the Snapp drivers program. In general, this application is a must for Snap internet taxi drivers.

Other features of the Snapp drivers program

  • The beautiful graphic environment of the program
  • Passenger request notification system
  • View passenger requests
  • Viewing the origin and destination of the passenger
  • The possibility of viewing the fare paid by passengers
  • Withdrawal of credit fares
  • View customer comments
  • and some other facilities