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Download Snap Food – Android app for ordering food online

For those who are looking to order delicious food, Snap Food can be an ideal option for them. In this post, we have gone to another practical application from the series of Android program posts on the Digiroyd website. Stay with us until the end of this post.

Download Snap Food - Android app for ordering food online

When we feel hungry, none of the vital organs of the body respond to our needs. Hunger will go away unless we have food available to eat. Then we have to leave home or work and go to a restaurant to buy food. Buying food from a restaurant or fast food when you are hungry is very difficult. Therefore, the Snap Food program will come into action and solve your problem. This Android program works in all cities of Iran, including Tehran – Isfahan – Shiraz – Qom and Yazd.

Order food in Snap Food

Snapfood is an online food ordering program. In this Android application, after entering the application environment, you will be asked to enter your exact location on the map. Then you have to choose the full address as well as a name for the desired place. For example, when you are ordering food for home, you can put the name of your chosen location as home at this stage. You have successfully passed the first step. Now it’s Snap Food’s turn to provide a complete list of restaurants around you. This application will give you a complete list of them. Now you have to choose the food center according to the type of food and the quality you want.

Eat quality food

There is a star icon next to the name of each food center in the Snap Food app. This icon tells you how satisfied other users are with this food center. If that food kitchen has a high quality in providing food or has satisfied its customers, 5 stars will definitely appear in front of their name. But if they fail to provide good quality, their number of stars will be reduced. 5 stars means the highest quality and 1 star means the lowest quality. Also, when you click on the name of each center, you will enter a page where users have written their opinions about it. Personally, I use this feature of the program a lot in choosing the restaurant I want and I rely a lot on opinions.

Snap Food brings your food

After choosing the food you want, you can order a drink or salad and other items. When the order is completed, you will enter the invoice page. You can pay for your food online. This payment is made by bank payment portals. After completing the ordering and payment process, you are done. You can sit on the sofa or chair and wait for the food. The Snap Food app sends your request to the food center. After seeing your order, they will send it with a motorized courier, so you don’t need to leave home to prepare food. You can get information about the status of your order at any stage of the order.

Just don’t order food

Snap Food is not just for ordering food. In this application, you can order sweets, bread and other food products after installing Snap Food and entering it. In general, everything halal that can be consumed can be found in this Android application. You no longer need to leave your home or office to buy sweets. You can easily order sweets from your home or workplace or even when you are in traffic in this Android application and sweeten your palate. Another feature of the Snap Food program is the possibility of ordering bread and protein. Don’t leave home to buy bread or protein products anymore.

Snapfood discount code

The Snap Food Android app also supports the discount code system. Getting a discount is very enjoyable. Therefore, you can use the Snapfood discount code in this program. When your food order is finished, on the page where your bill is calculated and provided to you, you can enter your Snap Food discount code. After entering, this program will check your code and if the code is correct, the discount will be applied and the cost of your order will be reduced. In this way, you can save money.

It doesn’t matter which city you are in. This program is a national program and you don’t need to use programs like Snap Food Tehran or Snap Food Qom. You can easily use this Android application after downloading Snap Food on the Digiroid website and enjoy delicious food. In addition, this program is one of Snap ‘s product series , which you can use in addition to using the taxi booking program.

Food party

There is a section called Food Party in the Snap Food Android application. This section is actually a big party for those who like to eat delicious food. In this section, foods with very special and appropriate discounts are always announced. These discounts are always limited in number and time. For example, Akbar Restaurant has announced a 30% discount for 20 chalukbab presses for 1 hour. If you want to get this food at a good discount, you should act quickly.

Snap food features:

  • Order food online
  • Food order tracking
  • Knowing the exact time of food delivery
  • Ability to view pictures of food
  • The possibility of viewing user comments about restaurants or food
  • online payment
  • Register discount code
  • Etc

Now you can download Snap Food Android app from Digiroyd website.

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