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publish date: 30 April 2022

The signal is one of the financial apps. Today we are going to introduce a program to you dear users, which can be a very smart assistant for you in the financial field. By installing the signal program, you get the unique features of this application in the financial market. Of course, the features of this program are not only for financial tasks. If you are also looking for a program to work in the financial markets, stay with the DigiRoid website until the end of this post.

دانلود Signal 3.9.0 - برنامه سیگنال برای کارهای مالی و بورسی در اندروید

The stock market, digital currency, stocks, etc. are among the things that remind us of the financial market. A market that always depends on money. But the activity in these markets requires having a series of infrastructures. It is very important that you can manage your stocks well. Also, have the ability to know the daily price of stocks and digital currencies. It is not easy to have all this infrastructure. But you can have all these in the form of an application on your mobile phone. The Signal program is the program you need. In the following, we will introduce you to other features of this application. So stay with us.

What is the signal program?

As we mentioned above, Signal is a program in the field of financial work. Various facilities are available to users in this application. For example, to enter the stock market, you need to authenticate Sejam. Sejam is a comprehensive system of statistical information. Any person who intends to work in the stock market will undoubtedly need a SEJAM. In the past, identity verification in SJAM required a visit to the counter offices. But now this has become very easy by installing the Sejam program. Just install this Android application on your mobile phone. Then you will have easy access to the facilities of this program and you can proceed to authenticate Sejam.

But is this program only for authentication? The answer is definitely no. By downloading the Signal program with a direct link, you will definitely have access to more features. For example, you can get proper banking services. You can get information about loans, Shaba number, account number, and other information you need from this program. There are also other features in this application about financial markets. For example, you can get the current price of digital currencies. You can register your portfolio and stock portfolio in this app to know your stock holdings instantly. View and check the prices of digital currencies, coins, gold, and various stocks. If you read this article and think of downloading this program, you can download the Signal program with a direct link by referring to the download box.

SEJAM authentication in the Signal program

One of the reasons why users install the Signal program is Sejam authentication. But how is this done? To perform this operation, you must show the Sejam system that you are really you. In the past, this was done by visiting the counter offices in person, which was a long process. But now it is possible with a signal program. but how? When you enter this application, you must go to the Sejam authentication section. When entering this section, you will receive a national code. In the next step, you will receive a text. This text does not give any special meaning. Just read the text using your selfie camera. Artificial intelligence and human verification can easily authenticate your identity in the Sejam system.

Other features of the program

  • SEJAM authentication
  • Monitoring the price of digital currency, gold, coins, etc
  • A stock portfolio and portfolio registration
  • banking services
  • Market map
  • Information about news related to financial markets and sales plans
  • Stock watch
  • and some other facilities
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download box
File info
  • platform: Androdi
  • version : 3.9.0
  • need root: No
  • need data : No
  • need internet: Yes
  • format : apk
  • size : 43 Mb
  • developer: Signal Group


5/5 - (3 votes)

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