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Download Shad 2.9.7 – Student educational network program for Android

Shad is one of the most useful tools for students at any level of education. This program entered mobile phones and smart tablets with the corona virus epidemic. Therefore, this can be called one of the most important applications at the moment. In this post, we are at your service with a new happy download. So stay with us until the end of this post.

Download Shad 2.9.7 - Student educational network program for Android

Corona, with all the bitterness it has had for mankind, has also changed some of our habits. This particular virus caused most of our work to change from physical to virtual. But one of the things that we always used physically and in person was studying in schools. When this virus entered our country, schools were closed. Students needed a suitable platform to continue their studies. Hence, the Shaad program, which is an educational network application, was presented by Education. In the following, we will examine this application in detail. At the end, you can download Shad for Android.

What is the happy program?

Shad program is an application with the aim of facilitating and doing things related to students’ education. This program is actually a virtual school that is installed on students’ mobile phones and tablets. This program has been able to gain their satisfaction by providing very suitable facilities to managers, teachers, families and students. With this program, you can easily communicate with your classroom and be with your teacher and friends during the Corona epidemic.

Of course, Shad is not a public program and is only for students. To enter this program, you must authenticate yourself. By performing authentication, your identity as a student in the Shad program is verified. After this, you can start your activity in Shad. This program has considered very good restrictions for managing and controlling more users. This program is designed for school administrators, school teachers and students.

Work with this program for managers

Respected school principals must first register in the Sanad system to use Shad. After registration they have to enter their teachers information. After registering the teachers, it is time to manage the class. Administrators should go to the management page of classes related to the school. On the mentioned page, they should define a class for each teacher in each educational level.

In general, the main work of managers in the happy program is to define teachers and students. It has also been seen in some cases that managers have also been responsible for managing classes. They have access to all the classes and therefore they can check the disciplinary problems of the students during the class. If a student tries to post irrelevant content, the administrator can see it and remove the student from the class.

Use happy for teachers

From the manager-teacher-student triangle, the teacher also plays a central role in this program. In order to use the happy program as a teacher, teachers must select the teacher option after entering the program. After selecting this option, they must authenticate themselves. At the end, considering that the manager has already entered them in the class list, they can enter their class.

In the higher education levels, due to the fact that the courses are specialized, some teachers also teach in a specialized way. Therefore, a class includes several teachers. According to the class schedule, the teacher should be present in the corresponding class just like when he is in school. Just like when you go to school, in Shad you can attend your desired class at the appointed time.

Happy use for students

Students have always been the main pillar of the country’s education system. No class is recognized without students. Dear students, to use the Shad program, they must authenticate themselves after downloading and installing the program. If the school principal has already entered you as a student in the class list, then after authentication, you will automatically enter the class.

The happy program has been able to provide a safe and clean environment for students. Therefore, according to the authentication of students, if a student sends incorrect content, the school can follow up. If you did not enter the classroom after authenticating your identity, you should inform your school principal immediately so that he can register you in the class.

Some features of this Android application

  • Work as a teacher
  • Faabit as a teacher
  • Attending as a student
  • Ability to define assignments
  • Class management by teachers
  • Fast authentication
  • Beautiful user interface
  • and other facilities

You can now download this Android app from the Digiroid website. Also visit the happy site .