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Download Rooster War 2.0.84 – Download Rooster War game for Android

War Rooster is a bonus game for Android. Today in this post we are going to introduce Rooster War game. This Android game that we will introduce in DigiRoid is an online game where you have to compete with real and live users around the world. The new War Rooster game is facing very good downloads in Iranian markets. Therefore, this game can be classified as a popular game. If you are interested in this game, stay with us until the end.

Download Rooster War 2.0.84 - Download Rooster War game for Android

Khoros Hangi game can be classified as points, action or even strategy games. In fact, this Android game introduces itself to users by focusing on several genres of mobile games. The attractive and beautiful game of fighting cock has attracted many users. The high rating of this Android game in Iranian markets is a proof of this. Today, we are going to introduce the online fighting cock game to you users. In the following, we will fully introduce this game and get to know some of the features of this Android game . Join us to enter the battlefield of roosters together.

Introducing the fighting cock game

As we mentioned above, this is an online game. Users who have played the old war cock game are familiar with the features of this game. In this Android game, you enter the competition campaign with your rooster. On this side of the field are you and Khorostan, and on the other side of the field is your competitor and his rooster. Each of you should take a defensive or offensive position in turn. When you are attacking, the opponent must be defensive. When your opponent is on the offensive, you have to be defensive. Each of the roosters have their own unique moves and use them to win over each other.

For example, your rooster will fly into the air to attack and knock down the opponent’s rooster with a powerful blow from above. Now, if your opponent is smart, he can guess your move and based on your aggressive move, keep his cock hands up to resist the blow from above. The same applies to you. The new cock fighting game has more variety of movements for roosters that you can use compared to its old version. Each of the warrior roosters has a certain amount of life. The cycle of attack and defense is repeated over and over until one of the roosters lives.

Some other features of the Rooster War game

  • Play the game online
  • Use of various roosters
  • The possibility of using different movements of roosters
  • Upgrade the level of warrior roosters
  • Beautiful game graphics
  • Leaderboard system or ranking of users
  • Attractive and beautiful sounds in the game
  • The possibility of upgrading the defensive mode
  • Upgrade offensive system
  • The death of roosters
  • and some other facilities