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Download the rich game 1.2.5

The rich game is one of the most beautiful Android games in the Tefani category. Today we are going to introduce to you the infinite money game. In this Android game, you can easily get rich. It will be easy to earn money using the money game. If you are also interested in earning money and billions of wealth, stay with us.

Download the rich game 1.2.5 - the game of gaining fame and infinite wealth for Android

Earning money and wealth is one of the most beautiful and pleasant things in the world. Earning millions and eventually billions of wealth on a daily basis will make your mood very good and strong. But getting rich, like anything, requires a certain infrastructure. The rich game is one of the beautiful Android games that gives you the feeling of earning money. All you have to do is step into Heshmat’s passage, then he will help you make a lot of money. This Android game can entertain you for hours and convey the good feeling of wealth to you dear users. In the future, stay with us and the infinitely rich game so that we can teach you the ways to get rich.

Introducing the rich game

The rich game is a fun game. In this Android game , you have to multiply your income by using your economic skills and doing a series of tasks. In this Android game, you first enter the arcade. Inside this passage, a coffee house is available for free. Now it is your duty to make the coffee house prosper and earn money by opening the coffee house on time. The more money you make, the more you can contribute to your income. For example, you can increase the opening and closing speed of the shop. This will increase your income. Of course, you should not limit yourself to coffee houses as a business. You should invest your money in better places.

For example, you should start other shops in this arcade after earning enough income. For example, establish a real estate trading company, sell ice cream, bodybuilding, etc. and make more money this way. Each of the shops will be closed after a certain period of time. By touching that shop, you can reopen it to earn money. If the number of your shops is more than one, this is very difficult for you. That’s why you have to hire apprentices and managers in the rich game. This will make your earning automatic. They will raise the shutter of the shop without your intervention and there is no need for you to knock. You too can live like a rich person and manage your property well. In Infinite Rich game, there are managers who help your business grow.

Some other features of the game

  • The possibility of hiring managers to earn more money
  • The possibility of hiring students to do tasks automatically
  • Beautiful and unique game graphics
  • Attractive sounds of the game
  • Advanced features such as advancing the day and…
  • Play the game endlessly
  • and some other facilities