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Download Percity 1.37.0 game – Persian city game for Android

Percity game is one of the interesting games in the field of construction of urban structures. This game is one of the products of TOD game studio. In the Persian city game, you, as a powerful ruler, must give peace to the people of your city. You have to do a lot of things to make your city progress. In the following, we will get to know other features of this Android game. So, stay with us until the end of the Dgroid website.

دانلود بازی پرسیتی 1.37.0 - بازی شهر پارسی برای اندروید

Percity or Shahrparsi game is one of the interesting games in the field of city building. In this beautiful Android game, you return to your homeland after many years. But after returning to these lands, you will face nothing but ruins. You ponder and then decide to revive your ancestral lands with the help of your advisers. Now you have to do exactly the same thing during the game of Percity. It means you have to restore your ancestral lands and rule over these lands. In the continuation of this post, we will discuss other features of this Android game. We are trying to introduce this game to you completely. Also, by referring to the download section, you can download the Percy game with a direct link.

Introducing the Percy game

As we mentioned above, Percity is a construction game. In this Android game, you have to face the challenges with your management talent and pull your rug out of the water. In the beginning, you have to build agricultural lands so that you can feed your people. Take the next step by building grand and magnificent buildings. With this, the culture of your land and people will also grow a lot. but this is not the whole story. You have to take other steps to grow your land. For example, as a ruler, you have to monitor all the issues related to your territory. Like the economy

To increase your economic power, you must produce new and diverse products and export them to your friends. By selling your products, you can earn more money and use this money to expand your city. Various agricultural products and new and beautiful buildings are all things that help you build a powerful city. So if you want to make your city a powerful city and enjoy its power, upgrade your city with great power and precision. The basic principles of winning in the game of Percy, principle management. Pay close attention to your management principles.

Other game features

  • Beautiful game graphics
  • Different buildings
  • Various products
  • Ranking of players
  • The possibility of exporting products
  • Attractive sounds of the game
  • and some other facilities