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Download Parmis 5.7.35 – personal accounting program for Android

Parmis is a powerful assistant in the field of personal accounting. When we’re trying to make ends meet, if we can’t do proper accounting, we’re bound to fail. Therefore, the Parmis application is a powerful helper for you in the field of accounts and accounting. Today, in this post on the Digi Royd website, we have introduced the complete accounting application for mobile phones. So stay with us until the end.

Download Parmis 5.7.35 - personal accounting program for Android

Today, accounting has an important place in our lives. From personal life to office and corporate life, they all need a strong and coherent system for accounting. Therefore, many users initially look for free personal accounting software. But along with various software in the IT world, a software called Parmis has been developed, which has a lot of features. In this post, we are going to check each of the features of this Android application together. So stay with us until the end to check more about this program.

Information about income and expenditure in Parmis

The first and perhaps the most important feature in Parmis accounting software is accurate information about income and expenses. In this Android application, all the items are in your hands. In fact, in this section of Parmis software, you will find out where you made money and where exactly you spent this money. With this feature you have to enter any money you receive. This issue includes the date and of course the issue of receiving money. In the other section, you must also enter the expenses you made. For example, you have received one million Tomans as salary.

After receiving the salary, you go to a butcher and buy a quantity of meat for one hundred thousand tomans. Now by entering these two items, the application will do your accounting. The Parmis program tells you how much you have spent during a certain period of time and what the status of your account is.

Connect to the phone book

In the Parmis program, which is a personal accounting software for Android, there is a possibility that you can connect this program to your mobile phone contacts. This feature offers you many possibilities. For example, you have lent two hundred thousand tomans to one of your friends. If you can connect Parmis with your mobile phone contacts, then it will connect directly to your contacts when you enter the person’s name in your account. In this case, you can easily contact that person from within the personal accounting software and proceed to receive your request.

Family expense management with Parmis

The heads of the family are always providing for the financial issues of the family. When a sum of money enters the family fund, it is the duty of the head to distribute that money fairly among all the family members. But this will be easier with Parmis accounting software. In this application, there is a section to manage the expenses of family members. In this section, it is enough to enter the names of your family members and then enter the cost of each one. The accounting program also takes care of this part for you and makes you perform the best in estimating your family’s expenses.

This accounting software is available on Android and IOS versions. Some users are looking to download Parmis software for computer, but unfortunately this version is not available. Also, if you want to familiarize yourself with the features of this application, you can use the demo version of Parmis accounting software.

Other features of the program

  • Definition of three account levels
  • Connect to the phone book
  • Debt and credit management
  • Loan management
  • Family expenses
  • Registration of all receipts in the form of checks, cash, settlement, etc
  • Persian calendar
  • Account balance graphically
  • and other facilities

You can now download this Android app from the Digiroid website. Also, to download the demo version of this application or to know the price of Parmis software, visit the website of this service.