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Download Ekala 3.1.9 – online shopping program from Ofogh Cyrus

Hello dear users of the Digi website, I hope you are doing well. Today we are at your service by introducing the Ekala program. This Android application belongs to the store chain of Oghov Korosh, which provides users with all the attractive and cool facilities. So stay with us until the end of this post.

Download Ekala 3.1.9 - online shopping program from Ofogh Cyrus

In the past, shopping at the supermarket was hard work. Suppose you were going home from work tired and exhausted and your wife told you that we don’t have any supermarket products at home. You should have gone to the local supermarket with all your fatigue and bought the product that you didn’t leave.

After getting the desired product, now it’s time to take that product in your hand and carry it with you. Well, this process is not very difficult for the first and second time, but when it is repeated several times, it is definitely considered difficult.

In addition, one of the problems in this case was that the local supermarket might not have the product you wanted. Then you have to go around the place to buy the product you want, so that you can get it from a supermarket. These problems persisted until the chain stores of Afgh Korosh started operating.

Now, your work would be a little easier and you could easily go to the chain stores of Afogh Korosh and get the product you want and not worry about the availability of the product you want.

Horizon Cyrus program:

But the services of Afog Korosh did not end only in physical stores. This company has offered the Ekala application for the convenience of its customers. With the Ekala application, our work becomes much easier. You don’t need to leave the house to buy the supermarket goods you need. Just pick up your friend’s phone and find the product you need easily.

Another advantage of the Ekala application is that you don’t need to spend a lot of time to find a specific product. You can search for the product you want easily and without any problems by pressing a few buttons and get it. When you find the product you want, you order it and the courier of Eghov Korosh will bring it to you.

Akala application features:

  • Registration and login
  • Use the discount code to deduct the purchase amount
  • The possibility of presenting the total and purchase invoice when shopping online
  • Ability to search among products
  • Ability to search among products based on categories
  • Possibility of delivery of orders by Ekala Courier
  • The possibility of searching for the desired product among the stores of Afogh Korosh
  • Etc

Now you can download Akala Android app from Digiroid website. I also suggest that you follow Digi Royd’s Instagram page in order to support Digi Royd’s website .