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Download the game New City 1.3.2 – city building game for Android

New City is another simulation game for Android operating system. This game is one of the products of Todd game studio. In this game you have to build your favorite city according to your opinion. Today, we are going to introduce one of the most beautiful games on Android to you, dear users. At the end of this post, you can download the New City game with a direct link. So stay with us and the Digiroyd website until the end of this post.

دانلود بازی نیوسیتی 1.3.2 - بازی ساخت شهر برای اندروید

New City game, a product of Tod Gaming Studio, is one of the few Android games in the field of city building for Android. The general principles of this Android game are very simple and understandable. You are supposed to act in the role of an engineer and you are supposed to bring a city to the best level of facilities and economic capital. There are many things to do in this game that you are required to follow. For example, you should increase construction in your city. You have to produce new products and finally sell these products to others. Keep the profits from the sale of products with you so that you can eventually expand your city.

Introducing the New City game

As we mentioned above, New City game is one of the interesting Android games in the field of simulation. In this game you have to expand your city. But how is this done? What happens when a city goes from completely empty to completely full? As a part of New City game training, we will provide you with explanations in this field. You need money to expand your city. Money can help you a lot. But the use of money in the New City game is not only an auxiliary use. Rather, money is an integral part of this Android game. You have to produce new products and finally deliver these products to your customers. They will also pay you an amount as a fee. With this amount you can expand your city.

Investment plays a very important role in this Android game. You have to be very smart to spend the money you earn and invest it in the right place. Suppose you start your customer’s order with wheat and sunflower and deliver to them. In the higher stages, other products will be released for you, which you can also use for sales. For example, you can deliver cherries to your customers. Gradually and with the expansion of your business, your need for a food factory will be felt. You have to be able to take this risk to spend a lot of money to build a food factory. You can earn more money with your investment. I suggest that you remember this point as one of the training points of the New City game, that more investment means more income. Now we will get to know other features of this game.

Other game features

  • Beautiful game graphics
  • There are different buildings in the game
  • Attractive sounds of the game
  • Different characters
  • Product buying and selling system
  • Play the game online
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Various products for sale
  • and some other facilities