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Download Nearsha 11.8.4 – Iranian social network for Android

It is an Iranian social network program for Android. In this post, from the series of Android program posts on the Digiroyd website, we have recently introduced the program. So stay with us until the end of this post. This program is actually a very good Iranian program.

Download Nearsha 11.8.4 - Iranian social network for Android

I personally believe that social networks have become one of the main reasons for the growth of mobile phones. Many users have purchased smartphones just to use Android apps, especially social network apps. Many users are currently using these social networks in the world. The social network is also one of these programs that if we correctly point out its features, it is included in the category of most used applications. We have mentioned the features of this Android program in detail.

Find new friends nearby

As it is clear from the name of social networks, these programs are a social program. The most important feature in the community is finding new friends. Of course, in addition to finding new friends, you can also stay in touch with your old friends. The app will help you find new friends from anywhere in our dear country Iran. Since this Android program has users from all over Iran, it can be a very good program to increase your communication.

make money

Making money has always been one of our priorities. Today, social networks have become a suitable place for us to earn real and of course halal money. The program is no exception to this rule. You can find many customers by creating a business page in this application. If you have products to sell and you are looking for a place to sell them, we introduce this Android app to you. So, don’t waste your time and download the latest updates very quickly and easily through the Digiroyd website.

Create and attend groups nearby

The social network recently has a possibility called creating a group. If you plan to work with your friends in a group, this program is considered a very attractive option for you. In this program you can create groups. You can join a group that your friends have already created. In short, if you are looking to be in the company of your friends, we suggest you, dear users, to create or join a group.

Coming soon

There are different ways to get in. One of these ways is to use the Nezna site and the other is to download this Android application. We at Digiroyd website suggest you to use this service application according to the mission of the site. But for users who are not interested in working with mobile phones, using the site of this service is considered a suitable option. It is enough to intend to use this service. You can do this very easily.

Other features of the program

  • The possibility of chatting in the program
  • Find new friends
  • Create and attend the group
  • send mail
  • Creating a work page
  • and other facilities

Now you can download Nasdaqia Android app from Digiroyd website.