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Download Myket 9.0.5 – App market app for Android

Myket is one of the best Android markets in Iran. This Android market is one of the products of Hosin Group. The very high popularity of Myket has made us present the complete introduction of this market in this post. If you like millions of users of this market, are interested in getting to know it, stay with us until the end of this post. In this post, we will introduce this market to you completely. Also, by referring to the download section, you can download Myket with a direct link.

Download Myket 7.8.9 - App market app for Android

Ever since the Android operating system was introduced to the market by Google, the discussion of downloading programs and games for this operating system became very hot. Various sites such as DigiRoid offered programs and games. But in the meantime, another layer of sites came into play at higher levels. The name of this level is market. In fact, sites with more and more attractive features for Android developers entered the competition campaign. Myket is also one of these markets. In fact, Myket was able to fill its place among Android markets by providing a suitable platform for Android developers and also having a very high number of users. In the following, we will get to know the features of this program.

Introducing myket

Myket is one of the oldest and of course the most professional markets for downloading Android games and apps. This program is divided into two user levels. A section for Android developers, where they can put their apps or games, and also a section for users that allows them to download. A lot can be said about both parts. For example, in the publishers or developers section, you can publish your program or game in this market by going through the standard steps and authentication. You can easily place the icon or screenshot of your program or game in this Android market. Also, if your product has an in-app payment section, you can use this option in this market as well.

For the users section, you can enter the application or site as a user. After entering this market, you can download and install your favorite game or program from among the programs on the first page or search in this Android market. You can read very important and useful content about the game or program you download inside this Android market and download your needs with an open mind. There is also a section to record comments and user experience about the game or downloaded program. You can comment according to your taste.

Also, some games and programs that are placed in this free market are available for you. You can download free apps or games from Myket.

myket arrival

Android developers are also about to enter Mykit to publish their Android applications and programs. They can enter this section after entering this Android program from the bottom menu on the developers counter option. Then proceed to release your Android apps. After uploading their Apk file, developers can upload the logo and screenshots of the program in their panel and then register the request for publication in this Iranian market. Users who have downloaded the Iranian market can download their application.

Some users may want to download Myket Farsi. But this Android program is completely made in Persian language. You don’t need to search or download Farsi Myket . Just download the official version of this program from the Digiroid website.

Now you can download Myket with a direct link by referring to the download box.

Features of this program:

  • download Android application
  • Ability to download Android games
  • Leave a comment about the game
  • The possibility of registering a comment about the Android application
  • Vote for Android game
  • Vote for the Android app
  • Advanced search for easier access to Android apps and games
  • User-friendly interface
  • Special programs section
  • and other facilities

You can now download this Android app from the Digiroid website. Also, in order to support our website, be sure to follow Digi Royd’s Instagram page .

New version changes

  • Fixed reported errors