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Download Asiatech Man 2.3.0

My Asiatec program is a very necessary program for subscribers of the Asiatec Internet service, I suggest that the subscribers of this company do not miss this Android program in any way . Stay with us in the future.

Download Asiatech Man 2.0.6 - Asiatech account management program for Android

My Asiatech program is a very widely used program. If you are one of the subscribers of this internet provider, this program will definitely be suitable for you. This Android program provides a lot of possibilities to its users. With this Android application, you can join the customer club of this company. You can also manage your internet service. If your traffic is over, you can refer to the option of buying internet traffic.

Among the other features of this Android program, you can mention the purchase and renewal of the service. Another use of this Android application is to report the micro-internet usage. You can easily see how much internet you have used on which day. You can get the reports related to the gifts and festivals of this ISP company. In my opinion, my Asiatec program can be very useful for the subscribers of this company.

But we can still mention the features of this Android program. For example, we can refer to the support section of this company. Unfortunately, most of the time, telephone support will be time-consuming, but by using this section, you can solve your internet problems much faster and get the necessary support from the company.

Features of my Asiatech program:

  • customer club
  • Service management
  • Buy traffic
  • Purchase and renewal of service
  • Micro consumption report
  • Gift report
  • Contact support
  • sale Festival
  • Send complaints
  • and other facilities

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Changes in the new version:

  • Fixed some reported errors
  • Improve the performance of the application