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Download Mizito 1.9.1 – project management software for Android

Mizito program is a project management software with Persian calendar. This program is a very useful program for startups and teams doing various projects. If you own a startup or manage a team, Mizito can be a very attractive and suitable program for you.

Download Mizito 1.9.1 - project management software for Android

Mizito is actually a very useful program for project management. There are different sections and sections in this Android program, which we have discussed each of them before. This program is for owners and managers of various projects. Some of the features of this Android program are paid and others are available for free. We will check each of these possibilities together, so stay with us until the end of this post.

Mizito training

When you download and install the Mizito application, you must register in this application. After registration, you will enter the environment of this application. By touching the drop-down menu on the right side of the application and then touching the option to create a new desktop, you can create a project as a project manager in this application. As mentioned, this should be done by the project manager in the application. But if you are not the project manager, you have to wait for this to be done by Mezito Web or Windows or Android and the manager invites you to the project. After creating or joining the project, you can log in and define or determine the status of your related tasks.

Dedicated social network

One of the functions that you can access after downloading Mizito Android or Web is a dedicated social network. In projects where team members work far from each other, communication is very important. This communication can be done on the platform of other applications such as WhatsApp. But by using this application, you can communicate with other team members inside this application. This program provides a dedicated social network for project teams that can easily communicate with each other.

Project Management

Another main feature of the Mizito application is that it is actually a project management software with a Persian calendar. Many external project management software use the Gregorian calendar, which causes confusion for teams. But the Mizito application has made project management very easy with the Persian calendar. It is enough to enter the project along with the tasks to be done in this management application. In the next step, ask your team to enter the progress percentage of the project. Now you, who are working as an administrator in this Android application, can easily get the necessary information about the way and status of your project.

Other facilities of Mizito

  • Project management with Persian calendar
  • Can be used on all devices with Mezito Web
  • Beautiful user interface
  • Data stability without server downtime
  • Employee task management software
  • and other facilities

Now you can download the Mizito program from the Digiroyd website. You can also visit Mizito website to check more features or buy a subscription to this application .