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Download Malkana 3.0

If you are looking for an app to find properties on Android, we recommend Malkana. With this Android application, you can find your desired property to buy, rent or sell. Stay with us until the end of this post so that you can download Malkana at the end.

Download Malkana 3.0 - property buying and selling and renting program for Android

Malkana is an android app to find property. You can find the property you want to buy, rent or sell in this Android application. In fact, this Android program is also considered a real estate file finder. In a situation where many people are thinking of buying a house in Tehran or buying other cities, this Android application can take a load off our shoulders and help us find a property a lot.

Malkana, real estate file finder

When you enter the Malkana application, you will be presented with a large map of the city where you live. There are a lot of numbers on the map like the Malkana site . Each of these numbers represent the properties in that area. When you touch the numbers, the numbers will turn into a series of pointers. Each of these markers represents a property. In this way, you can find the property you want in this Android application.

Check out the property easily

In the past, if we wanted to buy or rent a property, we had to go to that property to visit it after obtaining permission from the owner. In Malkana, this problem has been solved well. There is no need to go to the property to visit the property. You can easily visit it from within the application. In this Android application, there are many images of the desired property, which you can view to find out about the condition of the desired property. The image section of this application is similar to the Trumpet and Wall application .

Use the virtual visit of Malkana

In the Malkana application, there is a section called virtual visit. In this section, you can see the interior of your desired property with a 360-degree view. This feature allows you to visit the property easily and without the slightest disturbance for the owner of the house and yourself. I personally enjoy this possibility very much. I no longer need to refer to it to check the property for buying property or renting property or selling property. I can check the desired property from my home or workplace.

Suppose that a property has caught your attention. You intend to visit the desired property. To visit the property, you must make the necessary arrangements with the property owner. Malkana does it for you. In this application, when you touch the desired property. An option will be displayed to you under the title of requesting a personal visit. By touching this option, you can go through the coordination steps to visit the property in person.

Property price expert

There is a section in the Malkana application as a price expert. This section is very suitable for friends who do not know the price of their property. In this section, you can send a request for a property price expert. The experts of this Android application will contact you as soon as possible. After the initial expert coordination, the price of the property will be determined by the experts and you can find out the price of your property or the one you are looking for.

Use Malkana search and filtering

In the Malkana application, there is a section called search and filtering. Suppose you are looking for a property with a certain price. This feature allows you to find the property you want at the price you want. Just put the price on the desired amount in the filter section. Then this application will look for properties that match your budget with great power. You can also use this option to find the property in terms of specifics such as size, year of construction, etc.

Easy country to buy

If a property caught your attention, if you were planning to buy a property, leave it to Malkana. Malkana program experts will act very quickly after you select the property in the system. They call the seller and ask about the process of selling the property. Therefore, buying a property will be much easier for you. So if you need to buy a property, you can do it easily with this application. You don’t have to deal with real estate agents anymore. Buy your property with peace of mind.

Malkana application features

  • The possibility of the desired property with a 360-degree view
  • Ability to transfer property for sale, rent, purchase
  • View property location
  • Application Price Country
  • The possibility of requesting a personal visit to the property
  • Ability to search and filter for property
  • and other facilities

Now you can download the Malkana application from the Digiroyd website.