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Download the game Mehman Asghar Agha 2

Asghar Agha’s guest game is one of the interesting games for Android. This Android game has attracted many users. For this reason, this game can be included in the category of most downloaded games. Mehman Asghar Agha 2 game has more than five hundred thousand installs in Iranian markets. In the following, we will get to know more about this interesting game. So stay with us and the Digiroyd website .

Download the game Mehman Asghar Agha 2 - original version for Android

After the success of Asghar Agha party game 1, Bazgoushi game studio decided to make a second version of this game. With this game, Mehman Asghar Agha 2 entered the Android market. In the following, we will get to know more about this Android game. The story of this game is that Asfar Agha enters different parties. You have to help this character to rob the host’s house well. You help Asghar to get up quickly and eat all the food quickly when the host is not paying attention to him. In fact, this game is very similar to Shastia school game . The similarity of these two games is in the use of distracting game obstacles. In that game, you had to be busy when the teacher was not paying attention to you. In the following, we will examine this game more.

Introducing the game Guest Asghar Agha 2

As we said above, Asghar Agha’s guest game is based on surprise and the use of distracting game obstacles. In this Android game, when you enter the game, you have to choose the steps. Some of the stages are available for free, some other stages are released for you by paying money. You have to go to the houses one after the other and eat the food in a very professional manner. At the beginning of the game, you are sitting at a party with your family. The owner of the house is also next to or in front of you and is busy talking to others. When the owner of the house is distracted, you should make the most of the opportunity and eat the fruits.

When the host is distracted, you must quickly place your hand on the in-game hand sign. With this, Asghar Agha will get up from his place and quickly reach the food dish. This character quickly uses the food available in the game. In the Asghar Agha 2 guest game, be very attentive to the host. You need to get back to your seat well before the host gets back to you. The key to your success in Asghar Agha Guest 2 game is to be alert and take advantage of opportunities. We will get to know the other features of this game in the following.

Other game features

  • Different characters
  • Beautiful game graphics
  • Use of attractive sounds
  • Get coins and points
  • Customization capability
  • Beautiful story of the game
  • and some other facilities