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Download Text Yar 1.6.73 – Photo to text conversion program for Android

Yar Text is a real helper to convert photos to Farsi text. This Android program can help you a lot in the field of converting the text inside the photo to text and prevent you from rewriting them. This application now has more than fifty thousand installations in Iranian markets. Today, in this post, we are going to introduce the full text of Yar. So stay with us until the end of this post.

Download Text Yar 1.6.73 - Photo to text conversion program for Android

In our daily life, we come across many images that contain some text. Sometimes we need to convert these writings in the photo into text. That is, we intend to convert the photo into text. For this, we have to type all the texts in a photo or real space somewhere. If the amount of writing is small, you can definitely type them. But what should be done in the face of long texts? Here we have to go to the active programs in this field. Text Yar program is one of these programs. Of course, this program includes a photo-to-text conversion robot that you can perform conversion operations well through its robot. In the future, we will be with you by downloading Text Yar program for Android.

Free photo to text conversion

As mentioned above, this program also has a robot that you can use. To use this robot, you just need to visit Maten Yar website. With this program, you can easily capture thousands of printed and physical pages and then convert them into photos. This feature is very important for students. Students are always looking for handouts and have to spend hours writing backlogged handouts. But by using this application, you can convert your photos into text easily and without spending much time. Also, some work documents that need to be converted to text can also be converted to text using this very practical application.

Another part of the features of Maten Yar program

  • OCR technology support
  • Convert text to text
  • Convert pdf to text
  • Easy content sharing
  • Beautiful user interface
  • and other facilities

Now you can download Maten Yar Android application from Digiroyd website. Also, keep in mind to share your opinions with us in order to improve the content of our website.