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Download mask – public smell against corona and online test of corona

Since the outbreak of the infamous Corona virus, a program called Mask has been launched. Today, we are going to introduce the Mask Android application very friendly and intimate. The program that was provided by the Ministry of Health of the Islamic Republic of Iran during the corona virus epidemic and can have useful information for us in the field of corona virus. So stay with us until the end of this post.

Download Mask - People's scent against Corona

I hope that Corona will never come to you. Of course, in addition to my wish for you, it is necessary for you to observe health protocols. It is necessary to always wear a mask and avoid unnecessary exits from your home. Also, observe social distance and always wash your hands so that this virus does not find a way to enter your body. Also, please, if you suspect that you have the corona virus, quarantine yourself immediately so that you do not harm the health of your family and other members of the society. Corona is not a virus that only grows in other people’s bodies. It may enter your body every day and at any time. So, take health protocols seriously for your health and those around you.

Dear friends, today I want to introduce the mask program to you. A practical and of course necessary program to know about the corona virus and to know this damn virus. This completely Iranian program has many features.

In the Mask program, you can get information about the latest status of the corona virus, the cities of Iran in terms of infection, the number of patients and, God forbid, the deaths and, God forbid, those who have recovered. I hope that the number of deaths is so low that the number of deaths always shows 0.

Corona test

Definitely, the best way to diagnose the corona virus is to see a doctor. But in the Mask program, you can fill out a self-editing form. By providing detailed information about your health to this program, you can take an online corona test. Based on the information you send, this program will find out if you have or do not have the corona virus or if you are suspected of having the corona virus.

Mask application features:

  • Simple and easy user interface
  • Made by Iranian programmers
  • Ability to view the latest information related to corona
  • Providing statistics on patients, recoveries and deaths in Iran
  • The possibility of diagnosing Corona by answering the medical questions of the program
  • Providing educational content to inform people about symptoms, methods of transmission and prevention

You can now download the mask program from the Digiroyd website. Also, friends, don’t forget that you can follow Digi Royd’s Instagram page to support Digi Royd’s website . With our support, more Android apps will definitely be placed on the Digiroyd website.