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Download Mashorap 3.8.7 – medical consultation application for Android

Mashorp is one of the most important and practical applications for mobile phones. With this Android application, you can talk to the doctor of your choice in the fields of medicine, counseling and psychology. By using Mashorup, you no longer need to visit the doctor’s office of your choice. You can simply talk to your doctor. In this post, we are going to give a full introduction to this application. Stay with us to learn more about this program.

Maybe some users are facing the question of what Mashorup is. In response to the question of these users, it should be said that this application is actually an application for easy access to the doctors of your choice. During the corona epidemic, it is not easy to leave home to see a doctor. Sometimes some people have contracted this disease due to leaving home. Also, some other people are not able to see a doctor in person due to their busy work and life. Some medical work, such as psychology, does not require an in-person visit, problems can be solved by talking. Therefore, an application can easily connect you to the doctors you want.

In the continuation of the answer to the question of what is Mashorp, it can be added that Mashorp actually uses the internet platform to establish communication between you and the doctor in three ways: text, audio and video. Therefore, you can easily talk to your doctor, counselor or psychiatrist using a smart phone. Of course, this application has other features that we will mention later.

Online consultation in Mashorup

According to Mashurp website and Android markets, online counseling is one of the most important features of this application. Of course, we mentioned this issue above, but the importance of online counseling in this application is so great that we are required to repeat it frequently. In this application, you can use and benefit from 24-hour online counseling. Whenever and wherever you need a doctor or psychiatrist, you can pick up your mobile phone, open Mashurp application and use the 24-hour online consultation services of this application. Another service provided by this application is the online appointment of doctors.

Certainly, some medical matters are not possible remotely. For example, some examinations must be in person. Therefore, you should get an appointment from your desired doctor. In addition to the 24-hour online consultation, you can make an appointment with your doctor from within the Mashorap application. In this section, the patient’s admission days will be displayed in front of you. Just choose the day and time of the visit according to your time and desired conditions. Your appointment will be registered and you can visit the doctor later. Also, in this application, there is a section called Mushorp discount code, which you can use to reduce some of your medical expenses.

Some other features of the application

  • Online counseling
  • Telephone and video consultation
  • Medical and nursing services
  • Veterinary services
  • Inquiry of pharmacies around you
  • Online appointment
  • Keeping patients confidential
  • Very high security
  • Putting a password on the application to prevent other people from entering your user account
  • Online psychological counseling
  • Psychological tests
  • Beautiful user interface
  • and some other facilities

Now you can download Mashorap application from Digiroyd website. Also, for users who cannot download the Android application , they can use the web version of this application by visiting Mashorp’s website.