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Download Magic Tiles 3 version 9.022.101 – Magic piano game for Android

Magic Tiles or the magic piano game is the name of a popular game for the Android platform. Today, we are going to introduce another downloadable game for Android to you, dear users of the Digi Raid website. Today we are going to present Magic Tiles game to you dear users. If you are also looking for a downloadable and popular game, be sure to follow us until the end of this post.

Download Magic Tiles 3 version 9.022.101 - Magic piano game for Android

Gaming has always been a very suitable choice to fill our free time. Therefore, Android games are often welcomed by users. Today, we are going to introduce one of the games to you, dear users, that have been welcomed by many users. Magic Tiles game, this magic piano game is undoubtedly one of the most popular games. This Android game currently has more than a hundred million installs in the global market of Google Play. Also, a good score of 3.9 out of 5 reminds us of the popularity of this game. Now, if you want to learn more about this Android game, stay with us. At the end of this post, you can download Magic Tiles 3 with a direct link.

Introducing Magic Tiles 3 game

Introducing a game with more than a hundred million installs is a difficult task. The game, which has this amount of installation, definitely represents the presence of many users. But since we at DigiRoid have a mission to introduce the program, we act according to our mission. The game Magic Tiles or the magic piano game is very similar to the game Tiles Hop: EDM Rush . In this game, the movement scenario is exactly based on the song and music. After downloading Magic Tiles 3 game with direct link, you should prepare yourself to make the ball dance on the piano keys. It is very important to enter this game with very high speed and accuracy. In this case, you can celebrate the victory in this game.

Many users know Magic Tiles game as Magic Piano game. But it is actually a magic tile game. It doesn’t matter anyway. It is important to play an attractive and beautiful game. When you enter this game, you are faced with tiles that are black in color. A ball is in the center of the game. When the game starts, the tiles will quickly move towards you. You have to move the ball over them. Be very careful so that the ball does not go off the main track. If you cannot place the ball on the target tile in time, then you will lose this game.

Many users may be looking to download Magic Tiles 3 hacked game for convenience. But be very careful that hacked versions and mods of this game can cause security problems for your mobile phone. Therefore, downloading the hacked Magic Tiles 3 game is not recommended for you, dear users.

Other game features

  • Beautiful game graphics
  • Harmonizing the music with the rhythm and scenario of the game
  • Use attractive sounds
  • Using world-class songs to make the game more attractive
  • and some other facilities