luowice camera app 3.5.17 – Latest version

publish date: 18 January 2023

Taking care of buildings, offices, houses and stores is one of the most important tasks. Different people take care of places in different ways. The use of guards, anti-theft systems and other ways are all effective in increasing the security of places. But the use of CCTV can also increase the security of places to a great extent. One of the best surveillance and security cameras currently in the market is a wifi camera. This type of camera has many places. Today, in this post, we are going to introduce you to a very good Android application. A program to manage and teach working with this type of camera. Today we are going to introduce you luowice camera app. If you also need a helper to take care of places, stay with us until the end of this post.

luowice camera app 3.5.17 - Latest version

First, let me introduce you to luowice camera app. I am going to tell you about the features of this application. This application is for settings and management and of course CCTV training. We know this Android program as luowice camera setup. This Android application displays the images received from this CCTV camera for you. You can easily show you everything that CCTV records and stores. So you don’t need to hire different people to take care of a particular place.

Luowice camera app features

There are many features in Luowice camera app that you can use. This application connects to the CCTV camera. This camera has many features. Its features are very important and necessary to increase security. For example, if a person or object passes under the camera during its operation, the camera will immediately notify you by email, SMS or call. So very quickly you can pick up your mobile phone and see everything that is in that place through mobile phone. This issue can be very useful for you in increasing the security of places. Lock the door of your store or company and activate the camera. If a person intends to enter the place you want, the camera will immediately detect this issue with high sensitivity and inform you.

Other features of the program

  • Beautiful user interface
  • Good graphics
  • The ability to adjust the camera
  • View camera settings
  • Learning how to work with a camera
  • and other facilities
5/5 - (2 votes)


5/5 - (2 votes)

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