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Download the wrestling game of heroes 9.887 – wrestling game for Android

The wrestling game of heroes is one of the sports games for Android that has many fans in Iran. Wrestling is the first sport of Iran. For this reason, the game that we have prepared for you is one of the games that you will enjoy playing. If you are also a fan of the golden circle, we suggest you to stay with us until the end and play the wrestling of heroes game.

Download the wrestling game of heroes 9.887 - wrestling game for Android

Championship wrestling is the first sport of our dear country, Iran. When holding official and especially international competitions in this sport, the competition halls are filled to the brim. All the viewers are glued to their receivers and they all watch every match with great attention. Six minutes of a storm that makes the heart rate of our Iranians go from 0 to 100. There are many people who are interested in this type of sport in Iran, especially in the northern cities of Iran. For this reason, the download rate of the new wrestling game in Iranian markets is very high. Now let’s review this game together.

Suitable graphics for wrestling heroes

Graphics are the first word in the game. Clarity and clarity of the image are among the things that are well respected in the wrestling game of heroes. Of course, the issue of graphics is not only the clarity and clarity of the image. Regarding the game that we have put for you today, the best design has been done from the physics of wrestlers. For example, the movement form of the wrestlers is well done. Also, when the wrestler intends to perform techniques, these techniques are performed as beautifully as possible. Techniques such as somersaults, stumps, etc. are well performed and make you enjoy the game a lot.

New Champions wrestling game is very close to reality. The fact that this game is close to reality makes it more attractive. For example, the use of Hadi Amel’s voice as a famous reporter adds to the charm of this game. We know Kshetri with the voice of Hadi Amal. The sound of the audience after performing beautiful techniques will also delight you. The use of wrestlers with names and pictures close to reality is another thing that makes this beautiful and attractive game a game very close to reality. Suitable wrestling halls, mat designs, coaches’ faces and other small and detailed items are among the attractions of this game.

Different game leagues

In the wrestling game of heroes, you are faced with different styles and leagues of wrestling. For example, you can compete with your friends online by entering the friendly game section. Another league that you deal with and can participate in is the Grand Prix. In the grand prize game, you travel to the countries of Armenia and Russia and compete with the wrestling clubs of this country so that you can finally win the grand prize of the tournament. Another part of this game is the neckbreakers part. In this section, you compete against other players for the title of legend three days a week.

In this game, there is a section titled “Wrestling Champions”. This section gives you the necessary training to participate in wrestling matches. Also, you can improve your level by checking these tutorials as closely as possible. For example, after watching the tutorials, you can compete with other players on Sundays and Mondays every week by entering the throne section and defeating them all. You can also participate in weekly leagues and finally get special prizes. For this reason, you should first use the wrestling of heroes tutorial.

Other features of wrestling champions game

  • The graphics are very suitable for the game
  • Playing the game close to reality
  • Use real trainers
  • Use real players
  • Having the report of the operator
  • Play the game online
  • Having all kinds of wrestling techniques
  • Having halls close to reality
  • The possibility of using the gift code of the wrestling game of heroes
  • and other facilities

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