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Download the game Kick the Buddy 1.4.1 – the game of beating the doll

Kick the Buddy game in Farsi is another action game that we are going to introduce to you on the Digi Royd website. Today we are going to introduce Kick the Buddy game to you. A very beautiful and attractive game where you can vent all your anger on a poor doll and regain your peace after fighting with the doll. If you are also interested in this game, stay with us until the end of this post.

Download the game Kick the Buddy 1.4.1 - the game of beating the doll

We are at your service with another action game. Dear users of the Digiroid website, they are always looking for action games, and in the contact section, they request such games a lot. We decided to introduce another action game to these loved ones. The game we are going to introduce to you today is Kick the Buddy. This is a very good and suitable game to release anger and gain. In this attractive and beautiful game, you can vent all your anger on a small doll. Beat this doll until it finally passes out. We will get to know more about this game. Join us and Kick the Buddy.

Introducing Kick the Buddy game

Kick the Buddy game is one of the simplest and of course the most downloaded games of the Android operating system. The structural form of this game is very simple. Unfortunately, many users are looking to download kick the buddy mod or infinite game. But in my opinion, this game does not need to use mod styles. The logic of this game is very simple and easy and you don’t need to win or win in this android game. This Android game is mostly used to release anger. Even in the description of the creator of this game on Google Play, it is mentioned that if you are angry with your boss and you are going to slap him in the ear, don’t do it. Instead, just vent your anger on the doll. Of course, my suggestion is to change your job. I said this as a joke.

In the Kick the Buddy game, you beat the unfortunate doll until it passes out. This will give you a sense of peace and you will get rid of anger and sadness. I hope you never get angry and never need this style of games.

Other game features

  • Suitable graphics for the game
  • Funny sounds in the game
  • Using different tips to hit the doll
  • Changing the decor behind the doll
  • and some other facilities