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Download Eva 2.5.1 – Eva payment application

Hello, dear friends of DJ Roydi. how are you ? Hope you are fine. Today, we are going to introduce you to the Eva application in this post and at the end of the post we will provide you with the possibility to download the Eva application, so stay with us until the end of this post.

Download Eva 2.5.1 – Eva payment application

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But let’s go to the Eva application , which is a payment application. First of all, I have to introduce you to the payment application. Payment applications are basically Android applications that help you in doing a series of banking tasks such as paying bills – card to card – receiving balances – buying recharges, etc. and they do this for you.

Let’s go back to the past. At that time, credit SIM cards had just entered the market. What would you do if your cell phone ran out of charge? The clear answer is that you should have left your home or place of work and bought a SIM card charge from a grocery store or newsstand.

But now you don’t need to do this to buy a recharge and you just need to do it easily using the Eva payment application.

Well, this charge purchase was one of the cases and uses of the Eva application, and Eva has definitely created more and cooler facilities for its users. For this reason, I want to introduce you to the features of the Eva application.

Eva application:

  • The possibility of buying a charge for a credit SIM card
  • The possibility of card to card between Shatab member cards
  • Paying utility bills such as electricity, water, gas, telephone, mobile phone, etc.
  • Payment of khums, zakat-qatariyah and all Shariah funds to the accounts of the Taqlid authorities
  • Buying train – plane – bus tickets
  • Ability to check transaction records
  • and other facilities

Now that you are familiar with the Eva application, it is time to go to the Eva download section. Right now, you can download the Eva application by visiting the download box and download this application.

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