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Download Inshot 1.752.1332 – photo and video editing program for Android

Many users are looking to download inshot. For this reason, we have introduced the inshot Android app today. This Android application is very useful for editing photos and videos, as well as photo collages. So stay with us until the end of this post.

Download Inshot 1.752.1332 - photo and video editing program for Android

Film and photo are one of the important elements in human life. With the emergence of social networks, the need for videos and photos has increased compared to the past. But the use of video and photos requires special conditions. One of these things is their editing. For this reason, today we have moved from the series of posts related to the Android program on the Digiroyd website to the introduction of the Inshot Android program, and we will introduce you to the features of this Android program in the future.

Trim and split in Inshot

One of the most important features of the Inshot Android app is trim and split. You have a video that you want to edit. You want to cut a piece from the beginning or the end or anywhere else in the video. This tool is called trim or split. There are also these 2 very useful tools in the Inshot Android app. Of course, it should be mentioned that Split and Trim are actually a tool with 2 names. With this tool, you can definitely cut your videos and produce segmented videos.

zoom in

Maybe you have shot a video remotely. For this reason, the components of the film may not be well defined. There may be elements in your film that are not very pleasant to display. For this reason, you should zoom your video so that those parts are removed from the corners of your video. For this purpose, Inshot Android app has also thought. This program gives you the ability to zoom in or out of zoom mode, and you can easily edit your videos and then share them.

Add music to videos with Inshot

Music has always been one of the most interesting additions to movies for me. When you have a movie, you can increase the appeal of that movie by adding a beautiful music. This Inshot tool can help you a lot. In this Android application, you can easily put a beautiful song on your videos. This application allows you to choose a song from the songs in your mobile phone memory and merge it with the video. A movie combined with music is definitely more attractive than a movie without music. So, you can give your videos a very beautiful look with Inshot.

Change the size of the movie

The recorded videos are each in different dimensions and sizes. If you want to share your videos on different social networks, you should definitely think about their dimensions. For example, the Instagram social network, although it supports all image dimensions and ratios, it shows square videos better. Of course, other social networks may also follow other image ratios. Some of them have used the standing ratio and others have used the lying ratio. For Inshot has helped you in this field as well. In this section, you can change your videos to any image dimensions you want. You can make your videos suitable for publishing on Instagram or any other social network.

Add text to video with Inshot

Another interesting feature of Inshot is adding text to videos. For those who publish their videos on social networks, it is very important to include their name or brand on the videos. This is called inserting a watermark. InShot Android app allows you to add and paste any text you want to your videos. This text can be added to the video along with the font, color and dimensions you want. From now on, you can publish your videos with your own watermark on social networks. You can inform others about your brand. You can prevent others from stealing your works.

Change the resolution and color of the film

In the Inshot program, there is a section called Adjust. This section allows you to adjust the resolution and lighting settings of the movie. Some videos were recorded in a dark environment. InShot app allows you to easily solve the dark problem of the film by adding some white light to the film. But one of the other features of this Android program is to put a filter on the videos. We have worked with filters so much these days that I don’t think it is necessary to explain more about filters. So now you can publish many of your videos with a professional color scheme on social networks.

Photo collage in Inshot

We are at your service by downloading the Inshot program with a direct link for Android. Inshot program is not only for working on film. This Android program also offers its users many features in the field of movies. Collage images are a collection of images that exist next to each other in the form of a photo. For example, 5-6 photos stuck together are placed in one photo. In fact, the image collage is one of the most useful things in this Android program, which can ease your mind about doing this.

Crop images

A feature that is probably used a lot in the Inshot program is the ability to crop or cut images. Suppose you have an image and there are components in that image that you intend to remove from the images. Suppose you went on a trip with your family. Standing in a corner and intending to take some very nice pictures of yourself. The photos were taken very carefully and when you return home and view the photos again, you will realize that someone has fallen in your photo and ruined your photo. Everything is fine in your photo except for an uninvited guest. The best way to remove this uninvited guest is to use Ctop or cut the image. After downloading the Inshot program with a direct link, you can use this feature and easily remove additional components from your photo.

Features of the Inshot program

  • The possibility of trimming or splitting to cut parts of the film
  • Zoom in and out of zoom mode
  • Writing text on film
  • Inserting a sticker on the film
  • Change the aspect ratio of the video
  • Filter on images
  • Collage of images
  • Delay or advance videos
  • Crab pictures
  • Rotation of images
  • Freeze videos
  • Lighting and changing the resolution of images
  • and other facilities

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