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Download Hey Taxi 1.73 – taxi driving game for Android

Hey Taxi is one of the interesting 2D games for Android game lovers. Personally, I have played with this fascinating game many times and I am fully aware of the features of this game. Today, in this post on the DigiRoid website, we are going to introduce this fascinating game. At the end of this post, you can download the new HeyTaxi. So stay with us until the end of this post.

Download Hey Taxi 1.73 - taxi driving game for Android

Among mobile games, Iranian games also have a lot to say. Iranian Android games are very attractive for being Iranized and using Iranian dialogues. One of these Iranian games that has a high appeal is the new Hey Taxi game. This Iranian game has attracted many users. In Iranian markets, with a total of 500,000 installations, it has been placed in the category of popular games. But let’s talk about some features of this beautiful and attractive game. So stay with us.

Introducing Hey Taxi game

Hey Taxi game can be called one of the strongest Android games. This is the reason why many users are thinking of downloading Hey Taxi game with a direct link. In this 2D game, you have to work as an ethical taxi driver in your city’s public transport fleet. In the Android game , you have to move your taxi between lines and pass through obstacles and other cars in order to earn money. For example, when you start your car, you should look for the passenger first. Passengers are standing in green areas. Once you reach these areas, you must stop the vehicle to pick up the passenger.

When the passenger gets into your car, your main task is formed. You have to quickly deliver the passengers to their destination. Considering that your driving is on the streets, you will definitely come across cars blocking your way. You have to go through these things by moving the car up or down in order to reach the destination. Be careful not to hit other cars. If you hit other cars, you will lose.

Using Iranian cars in Hey Taxi game

The type of car in car games is a very important part of a game. In the world of professional and foreign cars such as Benz and BMW, some users are particularly interested in Iranian cars. Driving with Iranian taxis definitely conveys a good feeling to users. After downloading the new HeyTaxi, you will have access to a complete collection of Iranian cars such as Pride, Tiba, Peugeot, etc. You have to collect a lot of money by driving your car correctly and delivering the passengers to their destination so that you can finally buy new cars for yourself.

After downloading Hey Taxi Tehran game, you should act like a professional taxi driver. Your car will definitely face problems after some time of operation. For example, the car’s brake or its spark plugs have a problem. You have to take care of your car like a professional driver and have a correct and healthy car by replacing or repairing your car parts. Of course, be very careful of the dangers that threaten you in the street. In this game, you have to move between lines and get your passengers to their destination through obstacles. Be very careful not to crash into other cars. Every accident deducts an amount as damages from your savings. So, if you are looking for modern and new cars in Hey Taxi game, you must drive well.

Some other features of the game

  • Attractive and beautiful gameplay
  • Use of attractive voices and dialogues
  • Driving Iranian cars
  • and some other facilities

Now you can download the beautiful and attractive Hi Taxi game from the Digiroyd website.