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Download Google Meet 2021.09.19.39 – Google Meet for Android

Google Meet program – Google Meet is a very useful tool for holding meetings and meetings. Today, we are at your service by introducing this app on the Digiroyd website. Stay with us until the end of this post because we are going to introduce you the Google Meet Android application.

Download Google Meet 2021.09.19.39 - Google Meet for Android

Sometimes we need to hold an important meeting with our colleagues. Maybe we need to celebrate the birthday of a friend with him. What happens if we are away from our colleagues or friends to hold a meeting and party? The meeting and party will be cancelled. But the Google Meet application has stepped forward to solve this problem. Some users ask what Google Meet is and what it is used for. In this post, in addition to answering this question, we will inform you about the capabilities of this Android program .

What is Google Meet?

In response to this question, it should be said that Google Meet is a professional meeting tool developed by Google . In Google Meet, you can hold your meetings well. You no longer need to leave your home or office to hold a simple meeting or party. You don’t have to be with your friends. Just pick up your cell phone. Open the Google Meet application and then enter the meeting.

In this Android application, you can have up to 250 people in the meeting at the same time. This number is a very large number for holding meetings. Another feature of Google Meet Android application is its high security. In this application, all sessions are secured using advanced encryption and you will not worry about your information.

Easy access to online meetings

One of the professional features of Google Meet Android application is easy access to meetings. Suppose you plan to hold an online meeting with your friends. First, you create your meeting in Google Meet. Google Meet will send you a link to the meeting. Just provide this link to the members who want to participate in the meeting. Then they can easily join the meeting by touching the link. With this feature, users will be saved from getting lost and enter the meeting quickly.

Share your page on Google Meet

It has happened many times that we intend to share statistics or information for the members of the meeting. For this, other members present in the meeting must have access to our monitor screen. The first solution is to hold your mobile phone in front of the monitor screen so that they can see our page. But is this the right thing to do? Of course not. The Google Meet Android app gives you the ability to easily show your monitor screen to the members present in the meeting. By doing this, other members can have the necessary access to your monitor screen easily and without the slightest loss of quality.

Features of Google Meet:

  • Hosting 250 users simultaneously in meetings
  • Encrypt sessions for added security
  • Easy access to meetings through link generation
  • Share page
  • Providing subtitles for meetings
  • and other facilities

Now you can download the Google Meet application from the Digiroyd website. Also, don’t forget to share your comments with us.