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Download Gmail 2020.10.15 – Gmail email application for Android

In today’s era, one of the important communication tools is electronic mail. Today we are going to introduce you to Gmail in Farsi. This Android program, which is placed in the category of communication programs, is definitely one of the most important programs for your mobile phone. Stay with us until the end of this post.

Download Gmail 2020.10.15 - Gmail email application for Android

Email, which is known as electronic mail in Farsi, is a communication tool. In this tool you can send your files. Currently, this tool is mostly used for official and administrative work and has taken on an official form. Now we need different tools to send email. One of these tools is Gmail. This Android tool is made by Google .

With Gmail, you can easily send electronic mail. But this program is not just for sending emails. You can also use it to receive emails. You may ask yourself what is the use of this tool? Email has many uses. For example, when you intend to correspond with a company and speed is very important to you, you can use email. Or when you register on a site, it is very likely that the site will ask you for a valid email address.

How to use Gmail:

Once you install this android app on your mobile phone. After entering it, you will be asked to sign in to your Gmail account. If you have an account, you will be logged in by entering your password and username. But if you don’t have an account, you have to create one. You can also search on Google to create a user account. Of course, we will soon provide you with a tutorial on how to create a user account. After logging in to the user account, you must click + (plus) which is at the bottom of the right page. This will open a new window for you. Then you must enter the destination email address from the “To” field. Then, in the “Subject” section, you must enter the title of your email. Finally, write your text in the bottom box that is the biggest. Finally, click on the SEND option.

Features of this Android program:

  • Ability to create a user account
  • Ability to send email
  • Ability to receive email
  • Ability to attach a photo
  • Ability to attach video
  • Ability to attach an audio file
  • Ability to attach documents
  • Categorization of received emails based on primary – social – advertising
  • The possibility of spamming some promotional emails
  • and other facilities

You can now download this Android app from the Digiroid website.