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Download GB Whatsapp – GBWhatsapp 2021 for Android

GBWhatsapp – GBWhatsapp is an unofficial version of the WhatsApp application. You will get access to many features by downloading WhatsApp GB. So if you are also looking for a program with many features, be sure to accompany us until the end of this post.

Download GB Whatsapp - GBWhatsapp 2021 for Android

If you have ever downloaded WhatsApp , you are definitely familiar with the capabilities and limitations of this green messenger made by META company. This Android program, in addition to all the many features it has, also faces limitations. Therefore, GBWhatsapp or GBWhatsapp application on our mobile phone can minimize these limitations. In the continuation of this post, we have gone to the capabilities of this Android program.

Send heavy video with WhatsApp GB

The first problem facing the users of the official WhatsApp application. There is a limit on sending files. There is a limit on the size and Garbian captures all file formats. If you intend to send a funny or educational clip in this application to your friends, its size should not exceed 16 MB. From this your hands and feet will be closed. But WhatsApp GB has solved this problem well. In the GBWhatsapp application, the limit for sending video files has changed from 16 MB to 50 MB. With this option, you can send video files of different sizes.

GBWhatsapp to send heavy audio file

In the official WhatsApp program, you can only send audio files with a size of 16 MB. That is, if you want to send an audio file with a size of more than 16 MB, this program will definitely stop you. This is where the WhatsApp GB program will come to your aid and solve this problem. The GBWhatsapp Android app allows you to change the 16MB limit to 100MB. With this, your hands will be opened and you can send heavy audio files to your friends. This possibility will allow you to send many of the files you wanted to send but were unable to send due to the size limit.

Sorting messages in WhatsApp GB

You are faced with a wide range of messages in WhatsApp. Some messages will reach you in the form of private messages and others in the form of group messages. Once your messages exceed a certain limit, it will no longer be easy to manage. Group messages and personal messages are placed next to each other. In this section, the WhatsApp GB program will help you. In this Android program, all your messages will be categorized in any number. GBWhatsapp separates group messages from private messages. This will make managing messages very easy for you. You can easily find the person or group you want.

Day and night mode in GBWhatsapp

The eye is one of the most important organs in the human body. If you intend to work with your messenger at night when everything is dark, the white light of this messenger will definitely hurt your eyes. Now what if this white light is replaced by black light at night? Our eyes will definitely be less bothered. The WhatsApp GB program has thought very well in this regard. In this program, there is a button with a picture of the moon. By touching this button, the entire theme of the application will be dark. When darkness covers the entire application, then working with GBWhatsapp application at night will be very enjoyable for you.

Check who is online with WhatsApp GB

You are going to chat with someone. This person is offline. You want to know when exactly this person will be online so you can chat with him. The first solution that comes to our mind is to constantly check the person’s online status. But it will be very exhausting. But the next solution that you can use after downloading GBWhatsapp is to announce the user’s status. After downloading WhatsApp GB, you will be notified when any of your contacts go online by entering this program. With this feature, it is no longer necessary to constantly refer to the profile of a user to check their online or offline status. Install this program and relax your mind completely.

In general, any limitations that exist in the main WhatsApp program can be bypassed in the WhatsApp GB program. This program will make working with WhatsApp very enjoyable for you. It will remove all the incorrect restrictions of its official version.

Other features of the GBWhatsapp application

  • Hide your last WhatsApp login
  • Strong privacy settings
  • Professional settings in the WhatsApp GB program itself
  • Sorting messages (tabbing)
  • Changing the shape of program icons
  • Send and receive quality images
  • Ability to send video up to 50 MB
  • Ability to send audio files up to 100 MB
  • Checking the online status of people with notifications
  • and other facilities

Now you can download the GBWhatsapp app from the Digiroyd website. You can also visit the Digiroyd website to update WhatsApp GB.