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Download Police Patrol 2 version 3.7.9 – police game for Android

Police Patrol 2 game is one of the interesting games for Android operating system. After the success of the first version of this game, Art Noor and Movement Studio has made the second version of this game, Police Patrol 2. In this post, we are going to introduce this very beautiful Android game to you dear users. Stay with us and the Digi Royd website in the rest of this post. We offer you one of the best Iranian games.

دانلود بازی گشت پلیس 2 نسخه 3.7.9 - بازی پلیسی برای اندروید

Among Android games, driving games are one of the most popular. Now this level of popularity is much more attractive if it is accompanied by a chase. In the game Police Patrol 2, we are accompanied by two very attractive characters. Driving along with the chase. Of course, this chase becomes more attractive when you, in the role of a conscientious policeman, are looking for thieves and criminals. As a police officer, you are responsible for keeping the city and its citizens safe. In the following, we will learn more about this Android game. But keep this in mind. In this Android game, you are supposed to be a professional police officer and stand against criminals. Now we are going to introduce this Android game.

Introducing the Police Patrol 2 game

As we said above, in this game you are supposed to play the role of a conscientious police officer. In this Android game, you are driving a police car, which is probably Samand. Suddenly, a message is sent to you from the center. A group of thieves are robbing a house. As a car that is near them, you must reach them quickly and prevent the thieves from doing this ugly act. Once you get the mission, you need to quickly turn on your siren and quickly get yourself to the scene of the crime. The speed of action and high accuracy are the keys to success in the Police Patrol 2 game.

In Police Patrol 2, you have to get to the scene of the crime quickly so that the robbers don’t escape. The more you go through different stages, then you can earn more points in the game. Earning points will be beneficial for you. You can use newer police cars later with your points. You can also upgrade your current car to deal with thieves faster. This game is also at a very good level in terms of graphics. If you live in Tehran, you are probably familiar with the names of some streets in this city. In this game, some streets of Tehran are designed in a way that is very close to reality. You can use real streets to move around.

You can drive in streets like Karimkhan and enjoy the game. Many users may be looking to download the Police Patrol 2 game for infinite money and diamonds. They intend to buy new cars effortlessly. But we at Digiroyd website recommend you to avoid downloading hacked police patrol game or unlimited money. By downloading modded and hacked versions, you are creating problems for both your mobile phone and the game developer.

Other game features

  • Very beautiful graphics
  • Attractive sounds
  • Wireless voice and communication with the center
  • Use of different police cars
  • Different and varied missions
  • Iranian cars
  • Streets close to reality
  • and some other facilities