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Download Gap – Iranian messaging app for Android

Messengers are those programs that are very attractive and we need them a lot. Today we want to introduce you the chat program. Of course, the chat program, like some of the programs introduced on the Digiroyd website, does not need any special introduction, but based on the task we have, we feel it necessary to introduce this program completely to you, dear users. So stay with us until the end of this post.

Download Gap - Iranian messaging app for Android

Man lives by communication. You can’t call someone who doesn’t communicate with the environment around him a living person. Since the early humans, mankind had chosen ways to communicate with others. Early humans first signaled each other with smoke. Later, when people learned to read and write, they used to send letters to each other. Sometimes the letter was tied to the pigeon’s feet and went from one place to another. With the passage of time and the emergence of today’s technologies, the telegraph was created. After the telegraph, it was the turn of the telephone. The telephone was much more advanced than the previous technologies. This device could transmit sound and greatly increased the speed of information transfer. But the phone was not for everyone. Humans tend to move pictures or even documents very quickly. So fax was invented. But the fax could not meet the human needs and they had to go to the invention of e-mail.

E-mail could not satisfy people. When the mobile phone came into the field, people were communicating with each other through text messages. We did not need to solve all these needs. When simple mobile phones gave way to smart mobile phones, messenger programs entered the communication space.


The messengers were much more advanced than the previous human inventions and discoveries. Unlike the telephone, messengers did not transfer only voice, unlike SMS, only text, and unlike fax, only images. They can move any type of media. Not at a low speed, but at a very high speed. You didn’t need to spend time moving general information anymore. You could easily unlock your mobile phone, go into a messenger and send any kind of image, sound or text.

using Internet :

But the advantage of messengers was not only in speed or being unlimited. They used the Internet to transfer information, and this means reducing the cost of information transfer. It was no longer necessary to pay a lot for text messages or calls to send a simple message. You could easily reduce your expenses by using the internet.

Now we decided to introduce you a messenger. The Iranian messenger, Gap, is one of the Iranian messengers that I am very interested in. This program has a very good appearance and makes you not tired while working with it or the environment is not boring. But the advantage of the chat is not only its beautiful appearance, this program is also considered a good program for businesses and makes business owners earn more money.

Features of the chat program:

  • Gap world (games and entertainment, news and information, education, services)
  • Gap customer service and support system
  • Chat, cloud based messenger
  • Voice and video call to chat quality and security with end to end encryption
  • Post live broadcasts in groups and channels
  • Experience the chat online and in the browser
  • Powerful and unique bot platform for developers and startups
  • Two-person chat and creating groups and channels
  • Sending photos, videos, files, locations, drawings, etc.
  • Attractive stickers and animated stickers, with the possibility of making stickers by users
  • and other facilities

Now you can download the Android app from the Digiroid website. Don’t forget to follow Digi Royd’s Instagram page to support Digi Royd’s website .