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Download FotMob Pro 136.0.9418 – FotMob football news for Android

fotmob program in Farsi, fotmob is a complete and professional program for football fans. Today, we have introduced this sports application on the Digiroyd website, so stay with us until the end of this post.

Download FotMob Pro 136.0.9418 - FotMob football news for Android

If you are looking for a soccer program, we recommend the Foot Mob program. Using the FotMob program, you can access the world of football news. With this program, you can access various football issues such as football game schedules, news and results, transfers, etc. This is a complete program for fans of the green rectangle. We have taken a closer look at the features of this Android program.


Live football game news on Footmob

Suppose that the game of two football teams is taking place. At this time, you can get the exact result and news of this game by referring to the online application of Foot Mob. Whenever something happens in this game, you can find out about it in the application. Using the FotMob application, if a goal is scored in the game, this application will notify you. This section in the mentioned application will work so accurately that the name of the goal scorer, the one who gave the goal pass, the one who got a yellow or red card, will be informed to you in a moment. With this Android application, you will not miss important football news.

Player scores on FotMob

In all football games, players will have a score. This android application scores football team players at the end of each game. Any player who plays better will definitely get a higher score on FotMob. Maybe a player during the game plays in a way that you think is very good. By using this option, you can easily see the scores of the players in the Foot Mob online program. You can check which player has performed compared to other players.

The status of the table in footmob

Another feature of the FotMob program is the ability to check the results of the matches and the status of the table of different leagues. In fact, by downloading FootMob Android, you can access the results of all football games. With this Android app, you no longer need to follow all the games in the world. Very easy, just refer to this Android application. Then you will easily find out which game ended with what result.

Another feature of this Android program is checking the status of the tournament table. After downloading Farsi Foot Mob, you can access the schedule of all football matches. You don’t need to ask your friend or colleague about the status of the tournament table anymore. You can easily check the status of the tournament table by downloading FotMob and find out about the good and bad of the table.

Detailed statistics of the game by downloading FootMob Android

A football program has various tasks and functions. But one of the most important functions that you will get access to by downloading Foot Mob is the ability of accurate statistics of football games. With this feature, you can get the most accurate football news. You can check how many goals were scored during a game. You can check how much possession each team had. You will even have the possibility to check the number of passes and even shots in the frame by each team.

After Danlo Foot Mob Pro, you will have no restrictions on checking the statistics of football games. With this program, football is in your hands. Find out about the latest status of games with the help of your mobile phone wherever you are. If you are gossiping with someone and that person believes that his favorite team plays better, just show him the statistics very easily with this Android app and discredit his claim.

Transfer news

Many users are looking to download Footmob app for iPhone. But this program is for Android. Using the FotMob program, you can easily get the news of football transfers. If you don’t know about the transfers of your desired club, don’t worry. You can easily pick up your mobile phone and access this Android application. Enter the transfer news section. In this section, complete information about the transfers of different clubs in the world has been published. You can find out about the transfers of your desired club by checking this news.

Other features of the FotMob program

  • Scores of football players
  • live results
  • Checking the table of different leagues
  • Examining current players in football teams
  • Accurate statistics of games
  • Shots map
  • Transfers and Transfers
  • Notification announcement for your favorite club
  • TV show
  • Football audio file
  • and other facilities

Now you can download the Footmob program from the Digiroyd website. This app is made by FotMob As group .