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Download Foodism 1.3 – restaurant tour program for Android

Foodism is one of the most attractive and practical applications for Android. This program is a restaurant application that helps you choose a good restaurant. Of course, this program can also be considered an application in the field of visiting cafes. However, if you are one of the users who care about your stomach, we recommend the Foodism program. Stay with us until the end of introducing this application.

Download Foodism 1.3 - restaurant tour program for Android

Restaurants and restaurant tours are one of the enjoyable activities for us Iranians. When the whole world was facing economic and financial crises, the stomach and food industry always had their customers. Foodism program is one of the active applications in finding restaurants and cafes. This application provides a lot of features to the lovers of delicious food. Therefore, you can easily find the food center you want in this application. In the following, we will learn more about the features of this application.

Foodism, Desniar restaurant and cafe tour

Foodism is an application for visiting cafes and restaurants. A large number of cafes and restaurants have been registered in this application. Each of these centers provides a specific type of service to users. For example, suppose you plan to go to a famous cafe. You can find your desired cafe in this application. In this program, complete information about that center will be provided to you. This information includes the center’s menu, contact information, activity time information, address, and most importantly user comments. For example, users who have already been to this restaurant can express their opinions about it. They can comment on that center in various fields.

Another part of the Foodism cafe tour application is finding the restaurant on the map. There is a map in this application that shows you different food centers. For example, you may make a date with your friend or colleague on the street. Are you planning to move this appointment to a restaurant or cafe near you? You definitely cannot search the names of all the cafes around you on the internet and then find the one closest to you. To solve this problem, you need to find the nearest restaurant or cafe using the map provided in the Foodism application and make your appointment there.

Other features of the program

  • Restaurant and cafe tour
  • Map and exact location of food centers
  • Search by filter
  • Report of restaurants and food centers
  • Photo gallery of restaurants and cafes
  • Record points and comments about the food center
  • Follow other users
  • and other facilities

In this application, you can also use the possibility of foodism discount. Also, the foodism section of the tour can be very suitable for users who are very interested in food. Now you can download this Android app from Digiroyd website. Also, in order to improve the content of the site, be sure to share your comments with us. Your comments can be very important and useful for us.