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Download Fidilio 3.2.15 – Fidilio app for Android

Fidilio is the name of a restaurant finder app for Android. Today we are going to introduce you to a program that is very useful for fans of delicious food. This program is taken from the Fidilio website, which works in the field of introducing restaurants and fast food. If you are also interested in restaurants and fast food, stay with us until the end of this post. You can also download this application by referring to the end of this post.

دانلود Fidilio 3.2.15 - برنامه فیدیلیو برای اندروید

Going to restaurants and fast food is sometimes part of our entertainment. When you are on a street and you don’t know the quality of the food in the nearby restaurants, you should take a risk and enter one of them. Now, if the quality of that food center is not good, it will probably not be pleasant for you. Sometimes you are looking for a restaurant, cafe, or fast food place to hold your business and friendly meetings, in this case, you have to look around to find a suitable place. But there are easier ways. One of these ways is to use the restaurant finder program. By downloading the Fidelio application, you can easily find restaurants, cafes, and fast food in your city. In the following, we will get to know other features of this Android program.

Fidilio facilities

As we said above, the Fidilio program is a product of the Fidelio website. This website has been active in introducing restaurants and food centers for many years. It provides many features to users. One of the places of this service is the “Restaurants around me” section. This section is very useful for those who are at work or at home and are looking for a suitable place to hold their meetings. With the help of this feature, you can easily find restaurants around you on the map. Restaurants can be seen with a triangle with an F written in the middle. You can see all the restaurants registered in this service on the map.

Another facility that you will have access to by downloading the Fidelio application is viewing the restaurant menu. Certainly, some users pay attention to the food menu before going to food centers. Would you like to know what food is offered in this food center? You also want to know the prices. In this program, just like the Fidelio site, you can easily view the menu of the food centers you want. You can also check their prices. Also, another special feature of this application is the ability to view pictures of the food center. You don’t have to struggle to find a good restaurant or fast food. Just pick up your mobile phone and easily find the restaurant you want using the Fidilio app.

Other features of the program

  • View restaurants
  • View cafes
  • A complete list of fast foods
  • The possibility of viewing the menu of food centers
  • Get contact information and addresses of food centers
  • Beautiful graphic environment
  • The possibility of entering restaurant managers
  • Ability to view images of food centers
  • Find the restaurant on the map
  • View restaurants near you
  • and some other facilities