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Download Facemoji Emoji Keyboard Pro 2.8.8

Facemoji Emoji Keyboard is a very useful application for expressing emotions. Today, in this post, we have gone to this Android application from personalization applications . So stay with us until the end.

Download Facemoji Emoji Keyboard Pro 2.8.8 - Beautiful keyboard for Android

As mentioned above, Facemoji Emoji Keyboard is an application for expressing emotions. Now why express feelings? You are chatting with your friend or family members. During the chat, your contact will send you a joke. You will enjoy this joke to the fullest. But how do you intend to show your smile to the other party? You can use emojis for this. Basically, emoji is a means to express your feelings about different things.

Types of Emoji

Currently, there are a lot of emojis in the virtual space, and their number is increasing day by day. Each of these emojis expresses a certain type of emotion for users. For example, if you are happy, you can use an emoticon that expresses happiness. Or, for example, if you are upset and sad, you can use an emoticon that expresses this state. In short, using emojis makes it very easy to express your feelings. You no longer have any problem expressing your feelings. Whenever you need to express your feelings, just use Facemoji Emoji Keyboard to express them.

What is Facemoji Emoji Keyboard?

Many things can be mentioned about the features of Facemoji Emoji Keyboard. At first, I am going to introduce you to the main use of the keyboard and then go to the features of this application. Suppose you are going to send a message to your friends. You need a keyboard to write this text. Basically, the keyboard is an application for not writing texts. So, before you want to write a text, be sure to think about your keyboard.

Access to Emoji – gif to express emotions

Along with emoji, GIF also helps you express your feelings in another way. For example, if you are happy and don’t want to use an emoji to express your feelings, you can do it with a gif. Gifs are actually very short and compact videos that are repeated continuously one after the other. For example, if you want to show your happiness with a gif, you should look for a gif in which a person is very happy and cheerful. In the Facemoji Emoji Keyboard app, you have access to a huge number of gifs and emojis to express your feelings. So you can easily express your feelings using them.


Convert speech to text in Facemoji Emoji Keyboard

One of the things that is used a lot is converting speech to writing. The Facemoji Emoji Keyboard application has also benefited from this feature. Suppose you want to send a text to someone. To do this, you must write the text and then send it. But there is a simpler way to write texts. You can easily do this by using the speech to text conversion section. Just read your text out loud, then the Facemoji Emoji Keyboard Android app will convert the text read by you into written text on your mobile phone and tablet. With this feature, you can type long texts easily and without the slightest effort in the shortest possible time and send them to others.

Word prediction

In Facemoji Emoji Keyboard Pro Android application, there is a very wonderful feature that has made our work very easy. Suppose you are going to write the word hello. For this, if your typing speed is a little slow, you have to spend a lot of time. When you enter the letter “S”, this program notices the word you are looking for and immediately suggests the word “Salam”. This is not just for the word hello. In many other cases, you can make your work very easy by relying on the word prediction technology of this application. With this feature, you can write the words you want very quickly and send them to your friends or acquaintances.

Features of Facemoji Emoji Keyboard

  • Access to a huge number of gifs and emojis
  • Equipped with text-to-speech technology
  • Appropriate placement of buttons to increase typing speed
  • Typing mode by dragging your finger on the screen
  • Word prediction system
  • Auto correction
  • and other facilities

Now you can download the Facemoji Emoji Keyboard pro Android app from the Digiroyd website. This program is made by EKATOKS APPS group .