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Download EasyP 2.0.0 – metro ticket purchase program for Android

ezpay is a very useful android application for buying bus and metro tickets. With this program, you can easily perform several important payment tasks. If you are also looking for a program for wrong inquiry – ticket charging – buying charging etc., stay with us.

Download EasyP 2.0.0 - metro ticket purchase program for Android

For those who use public transportation such as metro and bus, buying metro and bus tickets is one of the most important tasks. Even those who use taxis for their transportation may find it difficult to pay their taxi fare. Therefore, an application that can ease all these issues for them, can be very useful. Easy Pay is the program we need. With the ezpay program, you can solve many of your problems in the field of transportation. With this program, you can relax from paying fines, paying tolls, etc.

Izzy P’s counter inquiry

One of the most important features in the EasyPay program is the payment of vehicle inquiries and delinquent payments. Drivers who are facing fines and violations for any reason can easily pay their violations with the help of this application. After installing EasyPay, you can easily inquire and then pay for the vehicle by entering the vehicle violation section. With this possibility, you can easily pay for your car’s default.

Charging metro and bus tickets

But another very attractive feature in the Easy Pay application is charging metro and bus tickets. To charge metro and bus tickets, we need to go to the metro station. If the metro is part of our daily route, charging the ticket card will not be a difficult task for us. But if you have nothing to do with the metro and are a passenger of city buses, charging the card will definitely be a challenge for you. Therefore, you can easily charge your ticket card with the ezpay program. Just enter the multi-digit number on the back of your ticket card in this application and then easily recharge your ticket card by connecting to the payment portal.

But we can point out many other features of EasyPay. For example, we can mention the purchase of SIM card charging. You don’t need to leave the house to buy a SIM card recharge. It is very easy to get a charge card for yourself from your workplace or home. Another feature of this Android application is to inquire about payment of traffic plan debt. With this feature, you can easily pay the debt of your traffic plan. Another possibility of the ezpay program is to pay the car fine bill.

Other programming features of P

  • Charging on the metro card gate
  • One-way metro ticket
  • Recharge metro and bus ticket card
  • Inquiry and debt payment of Tehran traffic plan
  • View the plan’s free traffic days
  • View traffic details and pay highway tolls
  • Taxi fare payment
  • and other facilities

Now you can download the EasyP Android app from the DigiRoid website. Also, follow our Instagram page to support DJ Royd .