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Download Energy 1.1.2 – sports and fitness program for Android

Energy is a fitness and exercise program for Android. At a time when many users do not have the possibility to exercise outside the house due to the epidemic of corona disease or being busy with work, they can   do their sports exercises using the Android application . Today, in this post, we have fully introduced this application. So stay with us until the end.

Download Energy 1.1.2 - sports and fitness program for Android

When Corona affected the whole world, no one knew how long this terrible virus would be our guest. Therefore, most of the businesses were closed. One of the businesses that were closed was sports clubs. With the closure of sports clubs, those interested in various sports, especially bodybuilding, faced many problems. For this reason, they had to find a suitable replacement for their club and coach. The program that we have put for you today is an attractive sports program for doing various exercises. Energym program is a suitable alternative for sports trainers. This program has many features. Today we are going to introduce each of them to you dear users. So stay with us until the end.

The best sports coaches in Energy

The main pillar of doing exercises and sports movements is to use a skilled and experienced trainer. In fact, you cannot succeed in a certain sport without a coach. Therefore, the Energy program has done a very good job. This exercise program for Android uses very professional trainers in a very beautiful movement. These professional trainers have prepared clips of their sports movements, which are available to you.

For example, you will enter this section by choosing the right abdominal exercise. A trainer has prepared a video for you in a convenient location. This trainer performs sports movements in the best possible way. You can also do it by watching these sports movements. In the first energy, watch the sports movements, after watching the sports movements of experienced trainers, then start doing the movements.

One of the advantages of Energy sports clips is its specialization. This program puts its own sports clips and does not use other people’s videos. Also, the tone of speech and the high spirit of the trainers conveys a very beautiful feeling to the users.

The use of artificial intelligence in energy

Of course, not every exercise program is suitable for every person. You can’t just look at the user’s weight or height to provide a sports program. Therefore, each person should get the right program for him. Energy program does exactly the same thing. This Android program provides you with a suitable exercise program according to your physical condition. You may wonder how such a thing is possible. The answer to your question is below.

Energy program uses artificial intelligence to provide sports program to its users. For example, when you want to use this Android app for sports, you enter the app download section. You will be asked a series of questions. These questions are asked to users by artificial intelligence. The artificial intelligence in this application offers you a suitable program based on your physical condition and the questions you answer. For this reason, the best program will be presented to you users.

Other features of the program

  • Gathering the best Iranian coaches
  • Filming in a suitable location for making sports films
  • Using artificial intelligence to provide sports programs to users
  • Convenient and easy user environment
  • Placement of various sports articles for fitness
  • and other facilities

Now you can download Energy program from the Digiroyd website. This application also has a web application version. You can visit the Energy site to use it .