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Download Emalls 7.14 – Emalls program to check the price on Android

Emalls – Emalls is a very practical application for an easy and pleasant shopping. In this Android application, you can find the product you want at a very reasonable price. So if you also believe in a very pleasant purchase, stay with us and this last price program. At the end of this post, you will have access to the download link for Emails.

Download Emalls 7.14 - Emalls program to check the price on Android

Shopping is one of the most enjoyable activities for us Iranians. From the time we decide to buy, until the time we put the purchase in our home, the buying process begins. But this hearty and enjoyable work is not always easy. Sometimes we need to buy the product we want at the best price. Finding the best price is not an easy task in the chaotic market of some goods. But you can easily find the product you want at the price you want by referring to the price list of Imals. Also, sometimes it is difficult to find a store that sells the product you are looking for. But you can easily find the product you want by entering the Imalz products section. We will get to know some other features of this program in the following. Stay with us.

Various categories of e-mails

The first item that is highly desired in any store is the products of that store. But at the beginning, it is also important to mention that Imals is not an online store. In fact, this Android application works like a powerful search engine. This program will show you the product you want from all registered stores. For example, suppose you are going to buy a ball. If you want to do this in the physical sense, you will have to spend time thinking or researching to find a store. After finding a store, you should go to that store. Finally, buy the product you want.

But in e-mails and virtual space, this issue is very different. In this application, you only need to enter the name of the desired product. For example, you enter the word ball. This application introduces you to the stores that sell balls from all the stores registered in it. You can find the product you want at different prices by entering the price list section of Emails. But what is the reason for this price difference? There are various stores in this Android application . Definitely, the price of the item you want is not the same in all stores. That is why there is a price difference. Of course, Imals products are not only available in stores. This application also shows you its products from among the ads registered on the ad registration sites such as Divar and Shipour.

Some other features

  • Advanced product search
  • Current price of goods
  • Various categories
  • Connecting to advertising sites such as Wall and Trumpet
  • Easy user interface
  • Notification of price changes
  • Register an opinion about the goods
  • View the price chart
  • The presence of different sellers of each product
  • Suggest related ads
  • and some other facilities

Now you can access the latest price of this program by referring to the download section of the email download link.